Will TikTok launch its own Instagram? Trademark registration generates rumors

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, may be keeping an eye on the dissatisfaction of users of competitor Instagram. The company registered this Wednesday (27) a new brand for a social network focused on photos of everyday life and lifestyle — familiar, right?

The app is registered under the name “Kesong” — Croissant, in free translation — at Quichacha, the Chinese technology patent bank. There is still no official information that the platform will be a direct competitor of Instagram, but the possibility is giving the internet something to talk about.

According to the South China Morning Post portal, the app is expected to hit the market “in the summer of this year”, which could be equivalent to the last quarter of 2022. The slogan announced for it is “new lifestyles for young people”.

Another information not yet revealed is whether the launch will be global or only in the Chinese market — where Instagram and other apps from Grupo Meta (also owner of Facebook and WhatsApp) have been under censorship since 2014.

ByteDance has not commented on the app’s launch.

Give change on Insta?

It’s not the first time that ByteDance has tried to launch an app with features similar to Instagram. According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese company tried to popularize two of its own versions of the selfie social network — Xincao in 2018 and Xintu in 2019 — both without success.

The announcement of the trademark registration by the Chinese company comes in the face of a popularity crisis faced by Instagram. The social network is receiving complaints that it tries to copy TikTok — one of the recent changes is prioritizing videos in users’ feeds over static images.

Celebrities and regular users have been complaining for weeks. Recently, a post with the phrase “Do Instagram Instagram again. (stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see cute pictures of my friends)” went viral on the internet. The criticism was endorsed by influencers such as Kylie Jenner, the second person with the most followers on Instagram, and her sister Kim Kardashian, the seventh most followed on the network.

It will be necessary to keep an eye on whether this possible ByteDance app will succeed in its own country of origin: currently, China’s “Instagram” is XiaoHongShu, known as “Little Red Book”.

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