Young man finds baby in the trash, falls in love, takes him in and wants to adopt the child

Do you know soul meeting? Jimmy’s relationship with Emilio is one of pure love, since he put the baby in the trash! All that’s missing is the papers for this 27-year-old to be officially the father of the beautiful boy.

The dramatic encounter was 5 years ago. At the time, he couldn’t stand it: he rescued and took the child home. And from that day forward, Jimmy knew the real meaning of the word son and the child discovered what it is to be truly loved.

Jimmy Amisial, a young Haitian who is a university student, is now declared the boy’s guardian, but it is not enough. He wants to legally adopt the child, but he doesn’t have the money to pay for the process, which is very expensive in Haiti.

how it all happened

In December 2017, Amisial, then 22, returned from a visit she paid to her mother, Elicie, during a break at Texas State University, where she studies communication and electronic media.

Next to his house in Haiti there is an orphanage that Jimmy has been helping since he was a teenager, but that day, when he was going there to take gifts for the children, Jimmy saw several people huddled around a garbage can. There was a four-month-old baby inside.

“People were crowding around this dumpster and I heard them arguing about what to do with this tiny baby. […] Everyone was just looking at him – not a single soul wanted to help,” Jimmy said.

took the child home

Brave Jimmy picked up the baby and brought him home to his mother Elicie Jean, 66.

There they bathed, clothed and fed the baby with milk, before taking him for medical attention.

Police launched an investigation to find the boy’s parents, but they were never located.

raised without father

The judge handling the case asked Jimmy if he would become the baby’s legal guardian. Soon he was raised without a father.

And despite being broke and in debt in college, empathy spoke louder:

“My family has always struggled to survive. […] I didn’t have a father growing up, and this poor kid was facing a lifetime of instability and uncertainty. […] Something inside of me was telling me that this happened for a reason, so I took a leap of faith.”

Emilio gained a family

Since those fateful days, Jimmy has been splitting his time between the United States and Gonaives, Haiti, where the boy is being cared for by Elicie.

He named the child Emilio, who is now 5 years old and is already studying at a school.

Now Jimmy has applied to formally adopt Emilio.

“I had to do what needed to be done when no one else wanted it. And I’m so grateful for the last four and a half years [dele na nossa vida]” said Jimmy.

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to transform your life from being abandoned in the trash into a wonderful treasure. […] I really feel like a father and I’m excited to sign the role and make Emilio my son. I just need to raise the money first.”

smart boy

Emilio is a brilliant spark and loves music. He wants to be a musician when he’s older.

“Mom loves him, the children at the orphanage love him, and I love him as if he were my own. He really is a special little boy,” she concluded.

Baby in the trash, what a sin!  But Emilio found Jimmy and Elicie's love - Photo: SWNS

Baby in the trash, what a sin! But Emilio found the love of Jimmy and Elicie – Photo: SWNS

Emilio with Jimmy - Photo: SWNS

Emilio with Jimmy – Photo: SWNS

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