10 Actors Who Just Need a Big Movie to Become Household Names, According to Reddit

With the launch of Thor: Love and Thunder dominating the summer 2022 movie scene, it’s easy to forget that its star, Chris Hemsworth, wasn’t well known until he took on Thor’s hammer in 2011. It’s just one example of how a single role can propel an underrated actor to stardom in a short time.

That means there are a ton of amazing actors still just one movie away from becoming household names, and if anyone can help identify who they are, it’s Reddit moviegoers. These are the actors they believe are extremely close to real breakthrough.

Having made her television debut at just 10 years old, Rebecca Hall has starred in a wide variety of movies and television shows, including some big titles like The prestige, transcendenceand Godzilla vs. kong. Despite this, she managed to slip under the radar a bit, which Redditor Mr_pb_hole lamented, saying “Rebecca Hall should be a list”.

Hall’s work is so extensive that she was even part of the MCU, playing Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3, without being able to become a big star. In 2021, she applied her talents to film direction with the acclaimed Ticket but many will be waiting for her next acting role so she can finally get the recognition she deserves.

A character actor with a recognizable face and an extensive resume, it may surprise many fans to learn that Walton Goggins has starred in several Oscar-winning films, including Lincoln and the short film the accountant. Unlike actors who play the same character in every movie, versatility is one of Walton Goggins’ biggest strengths.

This did not go unnoticed by Redditors, one of whom wrote, “The man can play a serious dramatic role and a comedic role as if it were nothing,” before expressing hope that he “will not be classified as an ignorant southerner for the entirety of his life.” your career”. It would definitely be a shame if such a flexible actor were limited to one type of role, so many would rather see Goggins become a huge star in his own right.

While it’s undeniable that Idris Elba is already a superstar actor, Reddit agreed that he’s still an amazing movie far from reaching its true potential. User sofas12 explains the reasoning behind the British actor’s inclusion, commenting that so far “his best roles have been for TV and his movies have been pretty meh”.

While he’s played many iconic roles and produced a ton of amazing quotes, it’s noticeable that many of his most acclaimed works, especially in The wire and Luther, went to television. The actor has appeared in a ton of big movies, however, including the voice of Knuckles in this year’s movie. sonic 2but many are suspicious of a huge and iconic role as James Bond could take it to the next level.

As the star of an MCU movie, it’s only fitting that Simu Liu is one of the biggest actors in the world right now. However, this has yet to materialize, despite a positive response to last year’s campaign. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsin which his performance was one of the most praised things.

Redditor super_sayanything explains why they’re still waiting for his true breakthrough, hinting that “Simu Liu’s best lies ahead of him.” In fact, many felt that the Canadian actor really shined while performing on the show. Kim’s amenityand, as it is clear that he can apply his talents to comic or dramatic acting, his true rise to stardom may have just begun.

Despite being nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars and Tony equivalent, perhaps it’s her work in television on AMC. Preacher that Ruth Negga is best known for. A tremendous talent, the Irish actor’s work in Loving it’s another great demonstration of just how good she can be when cast in a lead role.

Redditor Curious Monster9 is surprised that she’s not already a household name, writing, “I thought she was going to blow up with Passing. Still disappointed about it.” While the Rebecca Hall-directed drama hasn’t propelled her to the heights she deserves, there’s no doubt that she’ll have a better chance of showing the world what she can do and anyone can be the one to finally get her there.

Transforming yourself from a child star to a household name as an adult can be a daunting task and not one that many can pull off. However, Reddit wouldn’t bet against Australian actress Angourie Rice doing just that for years to come. Though she’s already on her way, playing Betty Brant in the MCU Spider man movies, many feel that she still has more to come.

One Redditor summed up his feelings by writing, “I’d like to see her in a quality movie, not as a kid/teen, and see what happens.” She may not have been one of the best child actresses of all time, but she definitely showed enough talent in movies like the nice guys to make her an actress no one should rule out.

Dan Stevens is an actor who tends to be relegated to minor roles in movies, while he shines by starring at the forefront of TV dramas, and many feel it’s time to rectify that. In some ways, he already had a starring role in a blockbuster hit like The Beast in 2017. Beauty and the Beast but as much of his contribution was through motion capture, that didn’t make him a household name.

Redditor chamamemaquipronto is one of the fans who value his talent far beyond public perception, commenting that “they think if he had done more bigger roles, he would be the next Bond for sure”. While any charming British actor gets these kinds of comments, with how good Stevens has been on shows like Downton Abbey and LegionStevens could have a real claim.

Despite being only 30 years old, actor and musician LaKeith Stanfield’s résumé is so full of critically acclaimed films that it’s almost unbelievable he isn’t better known. This is something Redditor Small-Explorer 7025 acknowledges as he introduces the American, writing, “He’s been in some good movies, but he’s not as big as he should be.”

Stanfield received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor just last year, thanks to his incredible performance as Bill O’Neal in Judas and the Black Messiah but many on Reddit were betting that much more would come from him. As several have pointed out, Stanfield has more than shown his talent, it’s just a major commercial success that’s still needed to make him a real household name.

For no particular reason, extremely talented actors sometimes end up being given supporting roles over and over again, something many Redditors found a shame in Ben Foster’s case. Redditor Holiday Howlett even claimed that the actor is “criminally underused in film and that bothers me”.

Although Foster has had a few leading roles, the films tend to be disappointing due to reasons beyond Foster’s control, such as X-Men: The Last Standthat is not a X-Men film that has aged well. Given his impressive performance in the thriller Hell or high waterFoster has the talent and Redditors hope it’s only a matter of time before he shows up.

When it comes to actors just a big movie away from making a name for themselves, Patrick Wilson stands out the most to Redditors. From user Owls_in_pants explains why, acknowledging that, although the actor is somewhat appreciated in the film business, he “is close to being a big star”.

The American actor has been in a ton of movies over the course of his career, including some less good ones like this year’s unfortunate box office flop. moonfall, but a prominent lead role still eludes the scene-stealing Wilson. For now, the actor seems content to take on smaller roles in blockbusters, so it will be interesting to see if he can prove Reddit right.

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