‘A Place in the Sun’ hits lows and loses against ‘Forever’

With a place in the sun hitting minimums, the TVI made the plenary session and won all the prime-time soap operas of SIC.

TVI leads since party is party even in tightrope

the fiction of TVI prime time and late night made the plenary session this Wednesday (27) and won all the bets SIC party is party was the most watched program of the day, with 939 thousand spectators, which translated into 9.9% of average audience and 21.2% of share. the novel of Roberto Pereira led across the board against Honeymoon (7.1% / 14.8%).

Then, I want to live (7.2% / 17.8%) led against for you (6.5% / 15.5%). Queluz de Baixo’s second telenovela of the night still managed to gather more viewers than any telenovela in the SIC

Closing prime time, the third episode of a place in the sun (4.0% / 13.1%) stumbled to audience and market share lows and always lagged behind Forever (5.9% / 18.8%).

At RTP1, the repetition of taskmaster (4.3% / 9.2%) hit audience maximums and share, but the repetition of masterchef (1.6% / 5.1%) reached minimum audience.

At the late nightand bucking the trend of recent weeks, wetland (2.4% / 11.9%) also lost in direct confrontation with on the tightrope (1.8% / 11.1%).

Benefiting from good results in prime time, the TVI shortened the distance in the daily average compared to the SIC to 1.3 percentage points. Queluz de Baixo reached 14.2% of share daily, against the 15.5% market share of Paço de Arcos. THE RTP1 ended the day with an average of 10.6% of share.

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A Place in the Sun, at SIC

Júlia Pinheiro

Happy House and Julia lead by minimal margins

In the morning, Happy House (3.2% / 17.4%) led by the minimum margin against two at 10 (3.1% / 17.2%), with a difference of only 3 thousand viewers between the two programs. the bet of TVI led between 10:20 and 12:00, with the format of SIC to win only during the last hour. Square of Joy (2.1% / 11.7%) remained in third place.

The afternoon dispute between Julia (3.4% / 14.7%) and goucha (3.1% / 13.3%), again with a short lead to the SIC, with 27 thousand viewers separating the two channels. THE RTP1 was always away with Our Afternoon (1.9% / 8.3%).

Other highlights

  • Green gold (2.9% / 9.3%) and Flowers Street (3.5% / 9.1%) continue to leave the TVI third in the late afternoon.
  • O First Newspaper (6.7% / 24.1%) remains undefeated against Uma’s Journal (5.1% / 18.4%) and Evening Newspaper (4.0% / 14.0%). at night, the Night news (9.0% / 20.1%) also beat competitors TV news (7.5% / 17.2%) and 8 o’clock newspaper (6.7% / 14.7%).
  • THE CMTV led audiences among cable channels, with a share daily rate of 5.5%. THE CNN Portugal (3.3%) won among the information channels, surpassing once again SIC News (2.2%) and RTP3 (1.0%).
Total Day audience data (Live+VOSDAL) is the responsibility of GfK/CAEM for the 27th of July.

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