Accident closes road and América-MG fans lose game with São Paulo – 07/28/2022

São Paulo and América-MG will face each other this Thursday night for the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil, at 8 pm, in Morumbi, in front of about 50,000 fans. However, the sector for visitors will not be so full. A serious accident on the Fernão Dias Highway, which connects Belo Horizonte to São Paulo, at km 693, in the city of Lavras, in the south of Minas, prevented buses carrying Coelho fans from reaching the stadium in time for the game.

The accident with a truck loaded with flammable product was so serious that it closed the road in both directions. Firefighters were called to control the fire and congestion in the direction of São Paulo exceeded 20 kilometers, according to what was reported by Arteris, the concessionaire of the stretch. In the middle of the afternoon, one of the lanes was released, but not enough to normalize traffic, which until the beginning of the night was slow on the way to the capital of São Paulo.

With the road closed and without the possibility of taking a detour, the three buses with around 150 América fans were stopped all day. Until a moment came when there was not enough time to complete the trip, since the game is scheduled for 20:00, the congestion was still great and there were still about 400 kilometers to complete the trip.

Through Twitter, América came to express itself on the subject and regretted not counting on the presence of its fans at Morumbi.

“With sadness, we received the news of the accident on BR-381, which makes it impossible for the caravans to arrive for tonight’s duel! Even though you are not physically in Morumbi, rest assured that the positive energy will be extremely important to us! LET’S GO TOGETHER!” .

Unable to go to São Paulo, the buses with América fans will return to Belo Horizonte as soon as possible. The return trip will take about three hours.

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