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With a win in the last six games, Vasco is not having a good time in the Brasileirão Serie B. Nenê, one of the most experienced of the squad, has the recipe to resume the path of victories: he asked the team to recover the “competitive DNA” that he had been demonstrating at the beginning of the competition.

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Shirt 10 was chosen to give a press conference this Wednesday afternoon, at CT Moacyr Barbosa. He explained that the idea of ​​former coach Maurício Souza was very good, but it ended up not working in practice.

– It’s not Maurício’s fault, it’s all of us. He tried to complement what was already being good, we would be cool with this complement, he is a very smart guy, with a very good game idea. With our identity of competitiveness, with the DNA of not giving up, of giving life. It took a little bit to combine the two. It wasn’t a conscious thing, it was unconscious. It ended up that, in the games, we focused more on that and we ended up, through our fault, forgetting… Not forgetting, but relaxing a little with our DNA, which was what was making the difference in our team – believes the 41-year-old midfielder years old.

“Series B is difficult, on the field, I don’t know what. Our quality was going to stand out after the competitiveness, but sometimes we ended up putting it ahead. I think that was the main point, we couldn’t combine the two”, he adds.

Press conference by Nenê, do Vasco — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

– We have a very competitive team, that didn’t concede a goal, that ended up scoring the first goal and took off. In the last games we took the goal first, the other teams were behind. So that’s the main point, in my humble opinion. It was necessary to complement the two things. We have to get back to this. Not that we’re not doing it, but it has to be 100%. Against Ituano, we went all the way to the end, we could have come back. But we have to keep that to 90 minutes. With the results, the player ends up relaxing a little, so we have to come back with that DNA – concludes Nenê.

As one of the leaders of the squad, Nenê commented on the protests of the fans in the last game in São Januário, in the draw with Ituano, and on the boos to players like Edimar and Gabriel Pec.

– I understand the crowd, I’m glad you touched on this subject, because I want to make a request for them. Our fans, especially in São Januário, are our greatest strength. Sometimes we have no idea how strong they are, and sometimes they have no idea how strong they are either. They are very strong and important to us, they are vital. Sometimes the guy will make mistakes… let’s talk about Pec. He won’t go wrong if he doesn’t try. He has personality, he tries, he is there, he continues. The fans always support us from start to finish, but I think that this thing of: “They were wrong and such, but come on, let’s continue” – believes shirt 10.

With tickets sold out, Vasco takes the CRB tomorrow in São Januário

With tickets sold out, Vasco takes the CRB tomorrow in São Januário

– Who am I to say what the fans have to do or not. They have every right not to like our performance, the result. But during the game, especially in the first half… Sometimes it happens to concede a goal. They are really vital for us, but they can give us that extra strength, that motivation. If they continue to support us, it will be an even greater motivation, especially for our young people, who also love Vasco as we love, as I love. It happens to make mistakes, we still have a lot to improve. Speaking of Pec, he is a boy who listens a lot, who tries all the time that he wants to do things for Vasco, make the fans happy. We are protecting when we can, but if the crowd can help us when we need it, to give us that extra motivation… – he adds.

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Next two home games

– Absolutely (the next two games will be important). For us, it will be like a final. We have to think game by game, face it as a final, give our lives to get the six points and resume the dynamic of victories and good results. For us, this will be paramount.

– I’m fine, we won’t always get it right, I’m not perfect. Depends on the field, sometimes it’s different. You must be talking about (game against) Sampaio, which was already a thing I was supposed to play a part of. It was a prevention, there was some risk of me having some pain again. The field there is a little different, the ball ended up going up a lot. These are things that are part of it, I won’t always get it right. But there’s nothing like that (injury), I’m feeling good physically. It’s about getting back to the rhythm of the game, continuing to train and putting the ball in the players’ heads. Against Ituano I got it right, you don’t say that (laughs). But, against Sampaio, it was the same with the ball going up a lot. It’s a bit of Serie B, there’s this difference, some fields with very large grass, others with short ones, others don’t have much grass, it’s irregular. They are part of it.

Maurício Souza and Nenê Vasco — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco

– Of course, it will definitely help. I don’t have this weight thing, I’ve always had peace of mind about it, I always see the positive side. Alex is an extremely technical player, he will help us a lot in this final stretch. I hope he gets on the field as soon as possible.

– It’s hard to say, I’m not a director. I see them always trying to improve, but we know that the market is not easy, that time is short. The other times Emílio gave a very good continuity to the work. For now, his job will be to recover that part of our DNA. That’s it for now. Let’s think about now, I think the board will see this, if you need to bring someone in now, later, if you’re going to leave Emílio. It’s hard to say what the ideal profile would be, it wouldn’t be my position to talk about it, I could be being unfair to a coach who could contribute to the team. We just have to get back on the route we were on before.

– We have to resume this thing of everyone feeling important, of everyone needing everyone. I think it’s the most beautiful thing, no one is vain about anything, everyone who is available gives their best on the field, in training, in games. Even those who are not called up are with us at the stadium. We have to resume this thing that we had, to increase this level, this strength that we have on the field. He (Emílio) already knows how we are, this speeds up the process a lot. He already knows, knows how we work, we’ve talked a lot.

– It is hard to talk. If he owned it, he could deny something. I really don’t know everything that happens, I don’t know the reason for the decision either. But São Januário is our home, it’s the melting pot, it’s a very strong pressure, we are very strong there. What comes from outside, if it doesn’t solve it, it’s not up to us to talk, it’s the board that has to solve between them. I could have had common sense about it, but I’m not the one who decides, it’s hard to keep talking about certain things, so there’s not much to do. It’s focusing on what we can control and attacking the opposing team at home, which is São Januário.

Plans for the coming years

– I keep. It’s Serie A, forget it (laughs). I’m feeling fine, of course you have certain precautions, grandpa (laughs). But, for me, it would be great to play Serie A with Vasco again. Who knows, maybe the Libertadores of the next year… They’ll want to stop me, but they’ll have to put up with me a little longer.

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