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black adam Star Noah Centineo, who will play Atom Smasher in the upcoming DCEU film, tackles the chances of spin-off projects. One of the DC movies that will finally come to fruition this year is black adam, featuring megastar Dwayne Johnson as the latest major player to join the DCEU. While Black Adam is traditionally known as the main antagonist of Shazam, the DCEU iteration will take him in a different direction as Johnson’s character will be portrayed as an anti-hero.

While black adam will tell the origin story of the titular character, he won’t be the only main DC character to enter the DCEU. Even if the franchise has the Justice League, the Golden Age team that came before them will have their rightful place in theaters in the form of the Justice Society of America. With Black Adam operating by his own rules, he becomes “the enemy” of the Justice Society as they pursue him in the film. One of the members who will be getting their latest live-action black adam is Albert Rothstein of Centineo, also known as Atom Smasher.

black adam was recently part of Warner Bros.’ DC’s big presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, with Johnson, Centineo and several cast members in attendance to promote the new film. While on the press line with Centineo was asked directly about potential spinoffs after black adam. The actor was open about his interest in playing Atom Smasher again for many reasons. Centineo said:

“If you want them, you’ll have them. I’m sad. I know we’re all super down. And you know what? It’s not just because the story and characters are so fun, it’s because we all had an amazing time making this movie. I couldn’t have felt luckier and happier. It’s almost always a really good, fun time and you learn a lot. But that was like a family. I feel very blessed.”

While it wasn’t necessarily a frequent occurrence when the DCEU started, the idea of ​​spin-offs is becoming more common now for Warner Bros.’ DC’s cinematic properties. by James Gunn The Suicide Squadwhich was a semi-sequel to the 2016 film of the same name, has had several offshoot projects come to life since the 2021 film’s release. John Cena went on to star in Peacemaker, reprising his role from Gunn’s film, and the filmmaker has a mystery spin-off in the works. Gunn is also currently developing an Amanda Waller series on HBO Max with Viola Davis, which will be seen in black adam.

The obvious choice for any black adam spinoff would be a full Justice Society of America project. Given the look of the ensemble, doing it as an HBO Max series would allow the Golden Age team to develop further, while also introducing other beloved members. The CWs stargirl has already proven public interest in the Justice Society, with the DC TV show centered around Courtney Whitmore leading a new generation of DC’s beloved team. Aldis Hodge, who will star black adam like Hawkman, also shared how his character could work in a future DCEU solo movie. Given all the hype around black adamits potential success will likely lead to at least a spinoff of some sort.

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