Brazilian company sued by Sony for counterfeiting PlayStation controllers

THE Sony do Brasil filed a lawsuit against the company Crifeir. The Japanese manufacturer, which owns the PlayStation, accuses the national company of counterfeiting and unfair competition for creating identical copies of the DualShock controller.

According to information released by the Tecnoblog website, the lawsuit filed by Sony do Brasil against Crifeir is being processed in the 2nd Business Court and Arbitration Conflicts of São Paulo and the value of the process is R$ 120 thousand.

The lawsuit against Crifeir says that the company imports and sells products that copy “in full, the set-image (trade-dress) of the famous controls” of the PlayStation, including the trademark DualShock.

The company also cited in the action the sequence of square, cross, circle and triangle symbols. The situation was exacerbated after customs authorities seized a shipment of 58,000 controls from the Crifeir counterfeit.

Finally, Sony asks that the Crifeir immediately stop unfair and parasitic acts and competition by stopping reproducing or imitating DualShock’s trademarks and changing completely from the visual identity and design of its models.

The company also asks for a daily fine of BRL 20,000 for each act of non-compliance. Unfortunately, cases like this are rare. It is quite common to see controls that imitate the official accessories of the brands PlayStation and Xbox.

And you, have you ever bought a control from a generic brand? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

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