Can Make Money App Pay Up to $50.00 to Users? See how the extra income platform works

In times of economic crisis, having a good source of extra income can be a great way out of difficult times. However, not all that glitters is gold and that’s why we should be on the lookout for apps that promise a lot. So get to know more about the app make money and find out how it works in our article below.

Find out if the Make Money app is a good source of extra income – Image: Disclosure

How MakeMoney works

First, it is necessary to explain what the make money: it is a free application that works on smartphones with Android or iOS system. It promises to give vouchers and money to users who have accounts PayPal after some tasks are completed like writing a review about the app, completing your profile or inviting friends. After reaching a certain number of points, the app informs you that it is possible to exchange them for vouchers with values ​​between US$ 5 and US$ 50. But is this true? how to know if make money is it really reliable?

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What users say

The best way to learn the truth about an app that promises money is to check user reviews on digital stores. And on both the Apple Store and the Play Store, people are divided. Some like the user Thais Nobrega say that make money it’s very good”. According to her, the tasks are easy and she didn’t spend any money and had already withdrawn “more than R$ 1,600 in less than two months”.

Another user named Jimmy Charles thinks make money “an interesting app with some tasks being paid for, others not”. He points out that he needed to turn to support to get paid, but he signaled that a good portion of the rewards were granted.

However, another user identified as ‘Exploring With Cesar’ says the app doesn’t pay off. For him, the score is too high to get low money. He considers it practically impossible to beat such a point goal and considered it abusive. Just like the user Vanessa Arsufi who says that even after the tasks are carried out, they force her to keep downloading several other applications and trying to perform other extremely difficult tests: “Another deception app”.

However, despite this large amount of opinions, it is possible to see that the developers of make money they are always responding to comments with support email which, in short, brings a little more confidence.

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