Captain America 4 May Feature Hydra’s Successor

Hydra has always been directly linked to the Captain America films, and this will perhaps be repeated in some way in the 4th film in the franchise, which could introduce its successor.

As the film’s subtitle says, Captain America 4 will introduce a new world order, which some fans believe is the successor to Hydra in the comics, the World Party.

The belief comes from the fact that World Party being a white supremacist group, which in the comics was run by the Red skull in an alternate reality crafted by Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld.

The group also antagonized the Thunderbolts, who will get a movie in the MCU on July 26, 2024, being the last of Phase 5.


Captain America: New World Order (New World Order in free translation) is directed by Julius Onahwho is known for The Cloverfield Paradox, where he worked alongside producer JJ Abrams.

The film will also feature Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson. It is a reissue of the partnership between the actor and the screenwriter. Malcolm Spellmanfrom the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.

There’s also anticipation for a cameo from Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter/Merchant of Power.

There are no further plot details, but it is speculated that Sinthea Shmidtor simply Sin (Sin), will be the big villain.

In the comics, Sin was created by JM DeMatteis and Ron Frenz, and is the biological daughter of the Red Skull. His first appearance took place in Captain America #290published in November 1983.

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