“Clearly not”; Vítor Pereira loses patience and discards double as Corinthians holder


Coach explained the situations that occurred in the defeat and made it clear that he takes responsibility for choosing Timão

Photo: Heber Gomes/AGIF - Coach did not approve of Corinthians' performance.
Photo: Heber Gomes/AGIF – Coach did not approve of Corinthians’ performance.

O Corinthians entered the field against Atlético-GO, in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, very confident after beating Atlético-MG for the Brasileirão, in the middle of Mineirão, but the result was completely different from what everyone expected: the team led by Vítor Pereira had an extremely underwhelming performance, losing 2-0 and getting into trouble in the competition.

after the game, the Portuguese made it clear that Guedes and Yuri Alberto cannot play together: “Many difficulties in defending the players behind. The option to play with Róger (Guedes) and Yuri (Alberto) was mine, so I need to take responsibility, but it already shows that we won’t be able to defend the runners well that way, so, for me, it’s clearly not possiblestarted VP, who completed:

“They created a lot of problems (defensive, when they were together), two-on-one situations. We defended poorly”, stressed the gringo. If these criticisms were not enough for the performance presented, the alvinegro coach also pointed to the defensive failure in the two goals of Atlético-GO, which came from plays on the right.

In the middle, we were late on almost every move, we weren’t compact. This team, in the first game we were here, we already felt that they had very fast wingers, which create problems in space, and today we couldn’t avoid this launch in space and we couldn’t avoid the two against one in the back aisles.”pointed out Vitor Pereira.

We conceded exactly the same goals from Atlético-MG’s goal, in which we warned of this, opposite foot, goal inside to kick, and we conceded two goals that way. We have to assume that when we lose, we all lose, we lose together, and improve our behavior in the next game to do things differently.”finished.

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