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Natalia Deodato
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Natalia Deodato

This Thursday (28), Natália Deodato used social networks to say that, after terminating the contract she had with a marketing agency, her cell phone was hacked.

The marketing agency was hired by her at the time of “BBB 22”. Nati said that she had problems with the company, since always, and that’s why she terminated the contract. After the decision, the ex-sister had her phone line and access to whatsapp cut off. “My number was hacked, they just blocked it. My number was given by the agency because I left the BBB with nothing and they gave me a chip with a current plan, and that was what was on my Whatsapp”.

Then she claims she changed her number. “So, to all my contractors, people who are negotiating, people who talk to me, I ask you not to continue the conversations because I don’t have this number anymore. They canceled my line at 11 am and now I’m also without Whatsapp. hacked, only it has two-factor verification and needs the password. But I think they managed to open it and will try to contact people”, he said.

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The former BBB also said that the first problems with the agency began during her participation in the reality: “I’m saying this because I was very harmed during the whole time I participated in the BBB, especially as a team.. They were trying to get a contract in my mother of R$ 700 thousand, there was a friend of mine who tried to harm me within the BBB and she was going to receive R$ 100 thousand from this same guy”.

Nati continued and said that the agency also harmed the ex-sister’s participation by the mismanagement of social networks: “There were several contents that unfortunately do not pass to the public from the sofa, there were lines, absences, many things, conversations, that were not passed on in the cuts, only on pay per view, and my team from the beginning of the program never put positioning on the networks”, he continued.

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