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Attention: Government confirmed the rules of Pix Trucker. Payments start on August 9th. See who’s entitled.

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Auxílio Caminhoneiro is a new benefit from the Federal Government, approved through the so-called PEC das Bondades. The program was recently approved and will be paid from August to qualified truck drivers.

It is worth mentioning that the benefit is temporary, that is, it will be paid until December 2022. The novelty is that the government has already confirmed and released the rules of Pix Caminhoneiro. So, to find out more, check out below.

Check out Pix Trucker’s rules

In this way, information about the Truck Driver Aid was released by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security this Monday (25). The idea of ​​government aid is to find new ways to combat rising fuel prices. Therefore, the value of the benefit must help truck drivers in the purchase of fuel.

In addition, it is important to say that the Pix Trucker aid will only be paid to truck drivers. In the case of taxi drivers, the government created Auxílio Taxista, with different rules. In both cases, the installments will be R$ 1 thousand. With the exception of August, when two installments will be paid, totaling R$ 2 thousand.

As for the rules for payment, drivers must be registered with the National Registry of Road Cargo Carriers. However, registration must have been made until May 31, 2022. Anyone who registers after that will not be entitled to the values.

Finally, the Federal Government’s expectation with Pix Caminhoneiro is to benefit around 640,000 truck drivers throughout Brazil. The total investment will be around R$ 5.4 billion, just for the payment of this category. The first installment will be paid on August 9th, and the next on September 24th.

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