How to check by cell phone if the registration was approved in Auxílio Brasil?

There is no need to go to a CRAS to check if the Auxílio Brasil application has been approved, just access one of the available apps.

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Due to the increase in Auxílio Brasil from R$400.00 to R$600.00, many people have tried to register for the social program. However, to find out if you have access, there are two ways, namely the Auxílio Brasil app and the Caixa Tem app.

There is no need to go to a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) to check whether the application for Auxílio Brasil has been approved, as the entire process is carried out online, just download one of the available applications.

Consult the registration in the Auxílio Brasil application

Thus, it is possible to check if your registration is active through the Auxílio Brasil app. Thus, access is made with login data from Caixa Tem, FGTS, Bolsa Família or a new login.

Therefore, for those who are not yet registered, it is necessary to enter the CPF number and create a password.

  • Access the Auxílio Brasil app (available for Android and iOS);
  • Log in or select “I want to register”;
  • On the first page, you will be informed if there is a benefit available for the CPF or not.

Consult the registration in the Caixa Tem application

It is also possible to check the status of registration with Auxílio Brasil by accessing the Caixa Tem application. And, if it has been accepted, it is possible to move the benefit amount there.

  • Enter the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS);
  • Log in;
  • Select the option “Auxílio Brasil”;
  • The platform will inform you if you are approved to receive the benefit.
  • And, to check if the transfer for the month has already been made, just click on the “Balance inquiry” option.

How to access Aid Brazil

In summary, people who fall into the following situations are entitled to Auxílio Brasil:

  • Families in extreme poverty – monthly family income per person of up to R$ 105.00;
  • Families in poverty (provided that their members include pregnant women or people under the age of 21) – monthly family income per person between R$ 105.01 and R$ 210.00.
  • Families that have members who live in the same house, who are enrolled in the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC/Loas), which covers disabled people and the elderly from 65 years of age on sick leave, with a minimum wage (R$ 1,212, 00);
  • Be registered in the Single Registry of Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico);
  • Be selected by the Ministry of Citizenship.

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