How to order the parabolic kit to watch open TV?

the arrival of 5G in Brazil began in July, with the implementation of the fifth generation internet in the Federal District. The next capitals that will receive the new technology are: João Pessoa (PB), Belo Horizonte (MG) and Porto Alegre (RS). However, one of the main difficulties for the expansion of the new frequency is the TV signal via parabolic.

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According to companies in the sector, to implement 5G, it is necessary to “clean up” the frequency, which leads to the need for a new antenna for those who want to watch open TV. Faced with this obstacle, a project was created that proposes the delivery of a tv kit for brazilians.

The entity that brings together telephone operators was called Stay tuned. Its mission is to support the population during the transition of frequencies, in the distribution and installation of kits with the new digital dish. The transition process has already started and people can now request the kits. See how to do it below for free!

What are the criteria for receiving the kit?

To access the kit, the family must be part of a federal government social program that uses the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) as an eligibility criterion. In addition, those requesting the exchange must have a conventional satellite dish installed at home and working.

In the case of households that use other systems for TV transmission, such as digital antennas and pay TV, the change of equipment will not be necessary. According to the auction notice for the 5G Bidding, telephone operators will have 90 days, counted from the start of operation of the new network, to help with the transition of the antennas.

How to order the antenna kit for free?

Users eligible to receive the free parabolic kit must access the Siga Antenado website or call 0800-729-2404. Using the Social Registration Number (NIS) or CPF, the person can request and schedule the installation of the digital satellite dish at no cost.

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