Intel demonstrates Arc A750 GPU running Death Stranding: 1440p and 80 to 100 FPS

Gradually we get to know more about Intel GPUs

Intel continues to reveal, albeit slowly, what its Arc Alchemist graphics cards for desktop PCs are capable of. In a new video, the company talks about the VRR support (Variable Refresh Rate)HDR and HDMI 2.1 on your GPUs and shows the Arc A750 in actioneven if very little, running Death Stranding Director’s Cut at two different resolutions.

Hideo Kojima’s game was tested on two different monitors. The first of them, an Acer 4K and 120 Hz. This screen was used to show the VRR function specifically, and the Arc A750 managed to deliver between 80 FPS and 100 FPS with the game set to 2560×1440 with the graphics preset at default.

This monitor has a tool that shows the screen’s image refresh rate, which basically follows the frames that the GPU used can deliver, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

Intel confirms Arc A770 GPU with 16GB of memory and A750 with 8GB

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Then the Arc A750 GPU runs Death Stranding on an Alienware HDR QD OLED, but now set to 3440×1440, with a focus on showing HDR in action. But, as Ryan Shrout himself said in the video, we couldn’t see the full result because of the compression of the video on YouTube and the camera that doesn’t really capture the image as we see it on the monitor. In this case, it was not revealed how many FPS the GPU was delivering.

Intel guarantees that the A750 GPU will be better than the RTX 3060

Death Stranding is not even part of the comparison between the Arc A750 and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 released by Intel itself. On that occasion, the games used were F1 2021, Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Borderlands 3 and Fortnite. All tested at 2560×1440 with graphics on high and the Intel GPU came out ahead in every game.

Intel will release its Arc Alchemist graphics cards to support any VRR-certified display, but they will be “validating over 100 high-end VRR-enabled displays to ensure you have an amazing experience when Intel Arc A700 family cards are released.” launched”.

It was not this time that Intel revealed the release date of Arc Alchemist graphics cards, or even revealed more details about the technical specifications.


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