list of compatible cell phones reaches 71 devices; know what they are

THE connection by 5G is already a reality in most parts of the world, including Brazil. Therefore, it is worth checking which devices have started to accept the new technology in the country.

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Latest cell phones that will accept 5G technology:

Samsung A336M/DSN

Samsung F936B/DS

Samsung F721B

Xiaomi 22041219NY

In addition to these, Motorola has 14 compatible devices, Apple has 9 devices and Xiaomi has 9 as well. Samsung already had 28 other 5G-compatible devices. It is worth noting that other brands, such as Lenovo, Asustek, Positivo, TCL, Realme and HMD Global Ou also have a device that supports the new connection.

Tablets that support 5G:


  • iPad Mini 6th Generation (R$5,875)
  • iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd generation (R$ 10,235)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches 5th generation (R$ 14,026
  • Samsung
  • Galaxy Tab S8 5G (R$ 7,699)

The cheapest among the tablets on this list, it does not cost less than R$ 5,800.

Which devices should support 5G worldwide?

In addition to smartphones, the 5G connection will also affect the industry of products such as:

  • Augmented reality glasses;
  • Smart watches, or smartwatches;
  • tablets;
  • Computers and notebooks;
  • Virtual and digital assistants (devices);
  • intelligent sound apparatus;
  • digital TV (signal and device); in addition to several others.

In practice, the list of objects that can gain new features with the 5G connection continues to grow. This is because the novelty will boost the entire technological market and enable functions that had never been tested in the daily practice of consumers.

What changes with the new connection band?

If you think it’s great to be able to watch movies and series in the palm of your hand, know that you’ll soon be able to do much more. Acceptable mobile streaming quality was something that came with 3G technology, that is, almost 1 decade ago. However, with 5G this experience will be even more impressive.

Data transmission will be so fast that any ultra-simple device will be able to do the same things that an advanced cell phone does today. In addition, cloud information storage should be improved. It would be as if you could experience augmented reality through wireless glasses and without connecting to any other device.

Information will be transmitted almost instantly. New devices were created and numerous functions ended up being implemented. However, experts believe that it is still too early to deduce what can be born from the 5G connection on a global scale.

In Brazil, 5G was launched for the city of Brasília, but it should spread to all other cities in the coming weeks.

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