Meeting with organized groups will structure flags with poles

Police authorities will meet with representatives of organized supporters in São Paulo to discuss a strategy and make official the return of flags with poles to stadiums in the state. A decision by the SP Justice, published yesterday, authorized the use of the artifact after almost 26 years of prohibition.

The meeting with the supporters will take place tomorrow afternoon (28) and will be attended by Elizeu Soares Lopes (Police Ombudsman) and César Saad (delegate of police of the Police Station for the Repression of Sports Intolerance Crimes).

Ricardo Xavier, commander of the Second Shock Battalion of the Military Police, and federal deputy Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP), president of the Chamber’s Human Rights Commission, will also participate in the meeting.

Flags with poles were banned in sports centers in the state of São Paulo since December 1996. At the time, Governor Mário Covas sanctioned the law that vetoed “the sale, distribution or use of flag poles or supports” in stadiums.

Now, the authorities will develop, together with fans from Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo, a strategy for the safe return of the artifact.

Yesterday’s decision was taken by Judge Fabrício Reali Zia and came in response to a representation of the Police Station for Repression of Crimes of Sports Intolerance (Drade). “According to the police authority, if organized within the procedures provided for by law, the entry of materials does not imply a manifestation of violence”, states the note from the Court of Justice.

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