New function arrives on WhatsApp that promises to be as cool as the stickers

Constantly working to improve users’ experience with the platform, a new feature in WhatsApp promises to be as cool as the stickers.

The feature will allow application users to create a type of avatar done especially to match user account.

However, for Android and iOS systems, there is a possibility that there is only one avatar unique in which the user can customize it the way they want and give that “slap on the look” during a conversation on the platform.

In addition, the novelty will be fully customizable, which can bring traits and characteristics similar to those of the account owner.

So don’t miss out and keep an eye out for what’s new!

New function arrives on WhatsApp that promises to be as cool as the stickers

As found by the WABetaInfo website, the new feature can already be found in the test version in some messaging apps for Android, more specifically in version

Soon, the same function will arrive in the beta version for iOS phones, after which it will be available for all types of smartphones.

What is already known so far is that the avatars will be three-dimensional, that is, they will have 3D images, with animated doll formats.

Thus, you will be able to use them in chat rooms, chat with friends, as a profile picture, filter and even during video calls on WhatsApp.

Despite the novelty having stirred up the spirits of users, the WABetaInfo website stated that there is still no forecast for when the functionality will arrive for everyone.

Therefore, we will have to wait another period to have access to the avatar.

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