New sci-fi series by JJ Abrams for HBO Max is shelved

THE HBO decided not to proceed with the development of the producer’s science fiction series JJ Abrams call demimonde.

As has been reported in the American press in recent days, the decision of the Warner Bros. Television for the cancellation was due to the budget that the series would have, much higher than usual for this type of production.

The attraction was in development for about 4 years on the platform, according to the American press.

The series had been approved without the need for a pilot episode to test, a common practice in the market. In the series we would follow a woman who is separated from her husband and daughter after a brutal accident. She would leave in search of answers and in an attempt to reunite with her loved ones she would find a great conspiracy, other worlds and so on.

New management at Warner puts pressure on JJ Abrams and producer Bad Robot, says website

The producer in addition to a contract with Warner Bros. has one with Apple.

With information from Deadline.

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