Nubank is offering a programming course to 10,000 people: learn more

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Nubank created an exclusive project for low-income people, which offers 10,000 places for a free and 100% online course.

Enrollment began on July 20. There are several courses offered by the project, among them are HTML, UX Design and many others linked to the demands of the technological market. The initiative was developed by the partnership between Instituto Nu and the educational platform Descomplica.

Nubank programming course

Not only programming courses will be offered by the project. The Nubank course will also provide tips and guidance to prepare students for the job market, such as helping them to succeed in job interviews.

Thus, to participate, it is necessary to be of legal age and to be in a situation of social vulnerability. In addition, half of the vacancies are intended for black people and 30% of them are reserved for black women.

In short, the Nubank programming course will last 15 weeks. Thus, the classes will be recorded and live. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate. There will be three classes with classes starting in July 2022 and ending in March 2023. Therefore, there will be 220 class hours.

Much of the initiative is intended for technical education. Thus, there will be 100 hours of web development classes (with CS and JavaScript) and FrontEnd (with design thinking, UX, CSS, HTML and others).

According to Nubank, at first, 3,000 vacancies will be made available, and another 7,000 will be offered in the first half of 2023.

Therefore, those interested who meet the requirements and wish to participate can register through the page

iFood and XP technology project

In order to face the shortage of manpower in the technology sector, which according to Brasscom, should reach 530 thousand people by 2025, iFood and XP are also investing in qualifying more manpower and have become maintainers of the Tech Movement.

Thus, the project already has at least 20 partners, such as companies and institutions. Thus, the idea is to raise R$ 100 million over the next three years and invest the amount in education and technology.

Thus, the Tech Movement will be based on three pillars:

  1. To arouse interest in the area of ​​technology while still at school;
  2. Empower and offer training to anyone interested in a career; and
  3. Foster initiatives that support companies in their employability journey.

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