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The sale of bleacher chairs at the Pacaembu stadium, in São Paulo, was criticized by historians and architects. On Wednesday (27), the furniture store Tok&Stok put the seats up for sale on the internet for values ​​ranging from R$1,499 to R$1,799.

According to the company, 673 chairs from the orange and mango (yellow) bleachers of the stadium were donated by the concessionaire Allegra Pacaembu, which in 2019 won the stadium concession notice and is the current administrator of the space.

The State and City Hall of São Paulo state that the interventions in the stands were previously authorized by Condephaat and Conpresp, councils for the preservation of the historical heritage of state and municipal administrations. The stadium is toppled.

Allegra says that the proceeds from sales will go to the Gol de Letra foundation, a non-profit organization that develops projects for children and young people in communities.

Historian Flávio de Campos, coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Studies on Football and Playful Modalities, at USP, criticizes the initiative.

“Placing Pacaembu chairs on the market is a mockery, it is a process of exclusion of the population. Leônidas da Silva, Pelé, Garrincha, Rivelino played in Pacaembu, the history of Brazilian football passes through that space and through many of these chairs, that are being sold in a furniture store”, says Campos.

A member of the Municipal Participatory Council of Sé and a researcher at USP, the architect and urban planner Stela Da Dalt says she was “appalled” by the sale of the chairs.

“It is the private appropriation of a public good. They say that the profit goes to an NGO, they give a social veneer and thus scare away criticism. But it is a private entity, and all Pacaembu items were paid for with public money. profit, who is going to look at that?”, he asks.

They are selling a piece of Pacaembu, and the sad thing is that the city hall itself is careless about it

In a note, the Municipal Sports Department of the City of São Paulo informs that “there is no legal or contractual restriction to the initiative [venda das cadeiras]”. It also says that the furniture would initially be discarded and that Allegra’s action with Tok&Stok is “a socio-environmental initiative, with the objective of praising the history of football in the most emblematic stadium in the city”.

Also in a note, the City Government Secretariat states that the intervention project for the Pacaembu Sports Complex was approved by Conpresp on December 3, 2020 and that, in the approved project, there was a provision for the removal of existing chairs for installation. of news.

The folder also informs that “these are not original items, but seats that were implemented late in Pacaembu, in the 1990s”.

The Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo informed that the interventions in the stands were also previously authorized by Condephaat.

“In the project approved by Condephaat, the demolition and reconstruction of the side stands is planned, in addition to the removal of the existing chairs for the installation of new ones. that is within the project approved by the bodies”, says the note.

Tok&Stok claims that it received 673 chairs from the Allegra dealership, of which 623 will be sold and 50 will be donated to players — and must go up for auction. The company also claims that the pieces underwent few interventions, such as the installation of legs to optimize use, and that characteristics such as the original numbering and eventual scratches were maintained.

The pre-sale is no longer available this Thursday (28). The store did not say if the pieces were sold out on the website, it only said that the chairs will be on sale from August 2 at a store in São Paulo.

Researcher of the Pacaembu concession project, Stela Da Dalt says that, considering that the numbered and uncovered chairs in the orange and mango sectors totaled 10,831 pieces, it is not possible to talk about the sustainability of the initiative, as only 6% of the items will not be discarded. In her opinion, the goal seems to be to make the chairs a collector’s item.

“Selling for R$ 1,500 is indecent. The value is in what Pacaembu was, but only for those who can pay from R$ 1,500 to R$ 1,800 per chair.”

player support

Director of Gol de Letra, Sóstenes Oliveira says that the foundation was approached by an advertising agency, which developed for Tok&Stok the campaign “Original chairs from my, from yours, from our Pacaembu”, and the idea was accepted.

“They also asked us for help in contacting former players, so we spoke to Casagrande, Raí and Zetti. They liked the idea, they knew that [o lucro] would revert to Gol de Letra, it has this social aspect”, says Sóstenes. “Obviously I thought about this whole concession story, but they are different things. The chairs would be discarded.”

It is unclear how the former players will participate in the campaign, but one idea is that autographed chairs will be auctioned.

It was at Pacaembu that former Folha player and columnist Walter Casagrande Jr. he made his debut with the Corinthians shirt, 40 years ago, in February 1982. He confirms that he agreed to participate in the campaign for Gol de Letra, but emphasizes that he is “completely against the destruction of Pacaembu”.

“They shouldn’t mess with anything, because of tradition and the history that the stadium has in the city. Pacaembu is the most beloved stadium for fans in São Paulo, easy to get to, nice to watch the game. Sóstenes looked for players who had a history with Pacaembu, and I joined at his request, I fully trust Sócrates’ family”, says Casagrande, citing the brothers Sóstenes and Raí.

“From the point of view of heritage preservation, I criticize [a iniciativa], but things are happening, what’s the point of criticizing? Let’s do something useful.”

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