Police and organized define release rules

A meeting in downtown São Paulo, this afternoon (28), defined the parameters for the release of flagpoles in stadiums in São Paulo. The meeting has not yet decided on anything, but it served for the State Military Police to listen to the organized supporters about the rules that will be adopted. The expectation is that the flags return to the stands next week.

Representatives of the police and organized supporters gathered for about two hours. As the decision of the São Paulo Court of Justice determined this week, it is the PM who will carry out all the control of the flagpoles: material, quantity, size and other specificities.

The number of flags allowed, for example, depends on the capacity of the sector destined to the organized ones: the greater the the space, more masts that can log in. Another guideline is that each flag will enter the stadium with a specific person in charge, a member of the organization, identified by CPF. If the object happens to be used for purposes other than the party in the stands, this person can be held responsible.

“The idea is that the poles are identified and numbered. The person holding the pole in the stadium will be identified with a photo, including digitally. It is an objective control to prevent something from happening. The pole, the flag itself does nothing , it is whoever leads it who can eventually do something”, explains Soares Lopes, whowho left the meeting with the impression that “maybe in a week, at the latest, we will have the flags brightening football”.

The ball is now with the Shock Command of the PM, which is the body responsible for creating the protocols that will be followed by all battalions in São Paulo, from the coast to the interior. When this document is ready, probably in the next few days, the Police will notify the organizers that the masts will finally be able to return to the stadiums.

In addition to Soares Lopes, the police chief César Saad, from Drade (Delegation for Repression of Sports Intolerance Crimes), and Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Xavier, commander of the Military Police’s Second Shock Battalion, were also at the meeting. They met at the headquarters of the Police Ombudsman’s Office with representatives of organized supporters from the four big ones in the state (Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo) and some from clubs in the countryside.

“Today’s meeting was positive, it is another step towards the return of the football party, which is a longing for the fans”, celebrated Ernesto Teixeira, spokesman for Gaviões da Fiel, the largest organized by Corinthians. “This is a construction that we have made over the years, and we have to praise the democratic spirit, because we all had a voice and were able to put our demands, and also the vision of these authorities who understood the importance of the return of the party”, he said.

The artifacts had been banned in the stands of the state of São Paulo since 1996, but last Tuesday (26) they were released by court decision of the TJSP.

“The Fan Statute provides for the use of flags on poles for festive purposes. In São Paulo, as it is the only state that did not have these flags, the fans had been making the request for a long time. That’s why we decided to make the request with the Judiciary Power. for the return of the masts”, affirms the delegate César Saadone of those responsible for forwarding the representation for the release of the flags.

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