Ready to play: Xbox tests function that shows which games can be launched on console

The new layout for the Xbox game library was showcased by Eden Marie, Xbox engineering lead, on Twitter. In the published images we noticed that symbols indicate when a game is no longer available or when you will need your disc to play it on the console.

To explain a little more, the console will show an exclamation in the corner of the cover when your account cannot play it and a disc when the disc is needed.

This feature is currently being tested for Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Insider program users only, which limits new features to select users.

Eden Marie also stated that more improvements should be included in these indicators, so that users know exactly why a game is not available, after all a title can simply be removed from Game Pass or is not available for the account connected to the console.

Have you ever come across an error when trying to launch a game on Xbox? Tell in the comments.

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