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When A24’s critically acclaimed new horror comedy bodies bodies bodies sculpt the masses on August 5, 2022, the movie theater world will once again witness the supreme acting talents of Amandla Stenberg. The rising star made her screen debut in the 2011 action movie Colombian and has since delivered one impressive performance after another in a versatile collection of films released over the past decade.

As fans prepare for the release of bodies bodies bodies, is long overdue to reflect on Stenberg’s excellent filmography and see how fans on IMDb have received the young actor’s work to date. His best roles go from Rue to Hunger Games to Starr Carter in the hate you give.

10 The Darkest Minds (2018) – 5.7

Adapted from the novel YA by Alexandra Bracken, the darkest minds imagine a future apocalypse in which 98% of children on Earth have been decimated by a disease. The remaining 2% develop strange superpowers and follow 16-year-old Ruby (Stenberg) in the resistance against her sadistic government captors.

Although the film was panned by most critics, a fair amount of IMDb users praise Stenberg’s commanding performance, director Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s immersive world-building, and Bracken’s faithful version of the source material. Unfortunately, a number of users express how the novel would be better served as a streaming series rather than a condensed movie that runs for less than two hours. Considering the film’s box office failure (via Mojo box office), neither a big or small screen sequence seems to be on the cards.

9 Dear Evan Hansen (2021) – 6.1

Adding to the list of socially conscious films on Stenberg’s resume, Dear Evan Hansen follows the titular teen’s (Ben Platt) struggle with social anxiety as he confronts his condition, finds his own voice through musical expression, and takes responsibility for a school tragedy. Stenberg is Alana Beck, a social activist who helps Evan deal with his trauma while advocating for people with mental illness.

While many IMDb users tend to recommend the stage version over the filmed version, citing the over-the-top sentimentality of the film’s tone, others extol the catchy tunes, important and current messages, and fantastic performances by Platt and Stenberg as two of the best characters in history. . Dear Evan Hansen. Despite being panned by critics, the sentiment is outweighed by IMDb viewers who find the film to be a potent and worthy examination of the problems of modern adolescence.

8 Everything, Everything (2017) – 6.3

Adapted from the novel by Nicola Yoon, All all tells the intimate story of Maddy Whittier (Stenberg), a teenager born with a rare respiratory condition that requires her to stay indoors her entire life. When Maddy meets and falls in love with the boy next door, Olly Bright (Nick Robinson), her entire world changes for the better.

An inspirational and inspirational story about enjoying every moment of life before it’s too late, most IMDb users love the chemistry between Stenberg and Robinson in the recent underrated romantic comedy. Many also appreciated how director Stella Meghie eschews generic platitudes to deliver a charming, brilliantly pitched romantic drama that tackles deep issues and speaks to marginalized and underrepresented demographics without feeling boring.

7 Rio 2 (2014) 6.3

Stenberg’s first and only animated film voice acting role to date came via river 2, in which they give vivid life to Bia, daughter of Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway). The story sees the adorable macaws venturing from Rio to the heart of the Amazon to reconnect with their wild side and reunite with Jewel’s estranged father.

A crowd-pleasing family film that serves as a worthy if unnecessary sequel, the overwhelming sentiment on IMDb suggests the film isn’t quite as charming as the original, although the move from the big city to the jungle is an inspired choice. Praised for its beautiful animated artwork and colorful representations of Brazil, even river 2The film’s detractors perceive the film to be harmless escapist diversion.

6 Where Hands Touch (2018) – 6.4

Stenberg takes a magnetic and morally dubious turn in Where hands touch, a romantic war story that concerns a biracial girl navigating the horrors of Nazi Germany. Leyna (Stenberg) is a mixed-race, anti-Semitic German citizen who falls in love with Lutz (George MacKay), a young Nazi soldier. After the pregnancy, Leyna and Lutz must make profound, life-altering decisions in the face of grave danger.

Despite being rejected by most critics, IMDb users express much greater support for the film, with the general consensus applauding the moving mix of romance and history, the tragic and the hopeful, and inducing genuine heartfelt tears into an important and compelling story. original. More than anything, it’s Stenberg’s painfully palpable performance as a young man undergoing a painful rite of passage that stands out most.

5 Colombian (2011) – 6.4

Stenberg made his screen debut in Colombian like the 11-year-old version of Cataleya (Zoe Saldana) in flashback sequences, showing precocious calm, grace and fearlessness under fire when an assassin kills her parents and stalks her through the streets, sparking a lifelong campaign of revenge and setting up her relentless killer vocation.

Many IMDb voters are quick to praise Saldana’s tough turn as a fully empowered, independent and strong-willed woman who takes her own shots and plays by her own renegade rules. Others note the elegant camera work and breathtaking pacing that elevate the common action movie formula that director Olivier Megaton clings to throughout. An adrenaline-pumping piece of escapist entertainment, many IMDb users find the film to be a bit above most female assassin thrillers.

4 A Taste of Romance (2012) – 6.5

Stenberg appeared in the 2012 film Hallmark a taste of romance, in which two rival chefs who work at restaurants next door inevitably crush their flesh and fall in love. Stenberg plays a minor character named Taylor, who helps match the two chefs.

Praised on IMDb for being a surprisingly delicious trifle for the whole family to enjoy, as it hits all the right romantic notes while delivering true laughs, most agree that it’s the charming cast that lifts the material into thin air, doing all the things fans do. love about Hallmark movies and more. Sweet, savory and full of flavor, a taste of romance it is Stenberg’s only TV movie to date.

3 How Are You (2016) – 6.5

An unflinchingly realistic coming-of-age drama, How are you unravels the mysterious tragedy of a love triangle gone wrong. Set in the 1990s, the story follows new friends Mark and Jack and their near-romantic aftermath after befriending Sarah (Stenberg) and being introduced to Jack’s father’s gun collection.

Acclaimed on IMDb for its directing touches, salient social message, and emotional conclusion that leaves the ambiguous story open-ended, How are you is a haunting mediation about the growing pains of finding a connection at an impressionable age and the dire consequences of making the wrong connection. A must-see for fans of emotionally charged teen dramas!

two The Hunger Games (2012) – 7.2

In just his second feature film, Stenberg delivered a memorable and tragic performance as Rue in Hunger Games, the 12-year-old Harvester from District 11, whose death Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) vowed to avenge. The dystopian action franchise revolves around the titular battle royale, a televised fight-to-the-death competition that Katniss must survive after taking her sister’s place.

While many IMDb users are quick to label the movie as a lightweight, interpolated version of battle royale, many others praise director Gary Ross’ elegantly colored adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel while praising the excellent cast. Pre-existing fans of the book series have championed the film as a faithful adaptation, while many non-readers have been converted by Lawrence’s sheer chaos, hyper-violent action, and magnetic star-making performance.

1 The Hate You Give (2018) – 7.4

One of the most timely and current examinations of racial profiling, police brutality, and the rousing call to end systemic oppression, the hate you give stars Stenberg as Starr Carter, a black student from a poor neighborhood who attends a wealthy white prep school. When Starr’s best friend is illegally gunned down by a police officer, she rallies, activates and pushes for widespread change despite facing pressure from both sides of the world.

Aside from Stenberg’s imposing turn, most IMDb reviewers note that the film is a heart-wrenching, soul-crushing, and eye-opening account of a poignant contemporary problem that needs to be addressed in America. A deeply important message for teens everywhere, it’s great to see Stenberg give his best overall performance in the most powerful film of his career so far. Even those who call the film preachy and heavy handed understand how essential the story is and how much it needs to be told.

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