Uefa to allow standing fans in England, Germany and France this season | international football

UEFA announced on Wednesday the launch of an observation program on the use of stadium facilities with standing fans for the 2022/23 season. The possibility for fans to watch matches in this way will happen in England, Germany and France.

The demand from fans to watch football matches standing up has been growing in recent years, according to UEFA, as has the interest of clubs to provide specific spaces for this in stadiums. Taking everything into consideration, the Executive Committee launched this test program, for national and international competitions.

“The objective is to find out if and under what conditions the possibility of watching the game standing up can be safely reintroduced into UEFA competitions,” the confederation explained in a statement.

Observation will be limited in this introductory season to clubs from the top five associations in the UEFA rankings that are authorized to do so at the national level., cases of England, Germany and France. The program will be valid for the group and knockout stages of tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League, up to the semifinals. It will not be applied in the decisions of these competitions.

At the end of the season, UEFA will analyze the main conclusions of the program for the Executive Committee to decide whether or not to continue this possibility of standing fans.

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Uefa will allow fans to stand at continental competitions this season – Photo: Getty Images

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