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When it comes to technology, some Asian countries like Japan, China and South Korea are the first to come to mind, right? Well, apparently this stereotype is not in vain. That’s because Incheon International Airport, located about 50 kilometers from Seoul, offers coffee in a very futuristic way for your passengers. The novelty has been drawing the attention of thousands of travelers who pass through the terminals every day. See further below.

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Can you just imagine arriving at an airport, feeling that hunger and receiving food or drinks through automated machines? This is a big surprise, even for Korean citizens who are already used to big advances. In this case, many passengers will be able to receive their food through robots, which promise to optimize the delivery time at the place.

Deliveries via robots

Launched on July 18, the robot is operated via an app called Baemin, made by Korean company LG Electronics. In fact, it is already present in other environments, such as hospitals and offices. At the airport, they are called Air-Dilly. The robot picks up at the terminals and carries food and drinks from Baskin-Robbins, Paris Baguette and Dunkin to people from 9 am to 5 pm.

In order for it to be able to serve as many travelers as possible and for deliveries to not take so long, six robots of the same model are used, but this number is expected to be even higher in the coming months. Even companies that use the service do not charge any fees for deliveries.

According to scientists and developers, it’s an excellent way to meet the needs of tired and hungry travelers, especially in a country where the tourism industry grows every day with the export of KPOP and the famous Korean soap operas. So, what do you think? It’s a great way to use technology in everyday life, isn’t it?

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