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With the announcement of Pulgar as a new addition to Flamengo approaching, the ge approached the Public Ministry of Chile and other authorities in the country to understand two cases in which the player was involved. The institution responded to a 2013 hit-and-run and a rape investigation, which completes a month on Thursday.

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Erick Pulgar interests Flamengo — Photo: Getty Images

According to the Public Ministry, Pulgar is not accused of rape. He is part of the process as a witness, as the victim reported being raped in the player’s home.

– Currently, the Regional Office of the Metropolitan Occidente is investigating a complaint of rape in which Mr. Erick Pulgar appears as a witness.

Reinforcements at Flamengo: Eric Faria and Cahê Mota give details on the arrival of Pulgar and Varela

Reinforcements at Flamengo: Eric Faria and Cahê Mota give details on the arrival of Pulgar and Varela

The case began on June 28, when the 24-year-old victim reported the rape that had occurred the day before. On June 25, she was with a group of 10 people at the La Rubia nightclub in Las Condes, among them Pulgar.

The victim claimed to have lost consciousness after drinking and woke up in the player’s home, with signs of rape, including bruises on his body and injuries to his legs. According to the media in Chile at the time of the complaint, the young woman declared that she had entered a room in which she could not resist due to the drink she had consumed.

The entire investigative process was carried out by the Chilean police (carabineros) and the Fiscalia Occidente, with examinations of the victim, testimonies of people present and camera footage. Pulgar, at the time, spoke on his Instagram account, now deleted.

– On Saturday night (June 25th), a group of friends invited a group of friends on a date at my house. It was normal. None of the 20 people present noticed anything strange. Once the meeting was over, each one went to his house by his own means. Yesterday (June 28), one of the people present at the meeting, with whom I have never had any kind of relationship, made a complaint stating that she has bruises all over her body and has absolutely no recollection of what happened on Saturday night. I made myself available and declared everything I saw. From the information I have been able to gather, I am not aware of any offenses that have been committed on my property. I understand that the person making the report intends to clarify what happened that night. Me too. That’s why I put myself at the disposal of Justice to collaborate with everything that is necessary. In view of the unfounded rumors and the biased information that was published today (June 29), I want to firmly clarify that I am not involved in any kind of denunciation or crime – wrote Pulgar at the time of the event.

The case remains under investigation in Chile. Some issues remain under judicial secrecy and were not informed by the Public Ministry.

Erick Pulgar interests Flamengo — Photo: Getty Images

On January 14, 2013, Pulgar was responsible for the running over of Daniel Ampuero, 65, who died shortly after.. The player did not help and fled the scene. He turned 19 the day after the accident.

Pulgar was tried and convicted in 2014. The penalty ended up being milder, as the Justice understood that the victim crossed the street in an unauthorized place at the time of the hit-and-run.. The family has an ongoing civil lawsuit against the player.

– Regarding the case of the year 2013, Pulgar was convicted as the author of manslaughter, for acting negligently while driving. The conviction granted him the sentence of 300 days of imprisonment and two years of suspension of the license, with the benefit of conditional remission of the sentence in the Gendarmería de Chile (that is, substitution of the execution of the custodial sentence by observation and assistance of the condemned before the the Gendarmería de Chile) – explained the Public Ministry.

Pulgar is expected in Rio de Janeiro this Thursday to sign a contract and be presented. In addition to him, Flamengo has officially signed Vidal and Cebolinha in the mid-year international transfer window, and is also signed to Uruguayan side Varela.

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