Vítor Pereira exudes sincerity, says that ‘it’s not possible’ for Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto to play together at Corinthians and explains why

Corinthians coach analyzed the 2-0 defeat to Atlético-GO, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

After 2-0 defeat to Atlético-GO, this Wednesday (27), for the Copa do Brasilthe technician of Corinthians, Victor Pereiralavished sincerity at his press conference.

Asked about Timão’s marking errors by the wings, and also about the fact that he replaced the striker Roger Guedes still at half-time, the Portuguese said that “it’s not possible” for the São Paulo team to play with Yuri Alberto and Guedes together.

According to the Portuguese, the pair did not produce enough effort to close the side aisles, which were the sectors of the field used by the “Dragon” to create danger in Goiânia.

“(We had) A lot of difficulties defending the wing flanks. The option to play with Róger (Guedes) and Yuri (Alberto) was mine, so I have to take responsibility. Now, I don’t think we’ll be able to defend the wingers well that way,” he said.

“For me, it’s clearly not possible (for Róger and Yuri to play together). That way, it’s not possible. They (Atlético-GO) created a lot of problems for us, two-on-one situations in the corridors because we defended poorly”, he complained.



Corinthians coach spoke at a press conference after the defeat to Atlético-GO

“Then came the thing about arriving late in almost every move, being far away, not being compacted… This team (Atlético-GO) is dangerous. that the wingers are very fast, and when they are thrown in the passes, they create problems”, he pointed out.

“We couldn’t avoid that, this ball being thrown into space. We couldn’t avoid the two against one in the side aisles”, he summarized.

Vítor Pereira also complained about the fact that no one had approached Léo Pereira before the striker hit from outside the area and scored the 2nd Atletico goal.

The Portuguese mainly complained about the fact that the bid was very perished with the goal scored by Keno for Atlético-MG against Timão, last weekend.

“We conceded two goals exactly the same. (Today’s goal) It was exactly the same as Mineiro’s. We clearly warn about this: throw on the opposite foot, you have to go inside and take it. We conceded two goals that way”, he shot.

“So, what do we have to do? When we lose, we all lose. We lose together. We didn’t lose A, B or C. We have to improve our behavior in the next game and give a different answer than we gave today”, he concluded.

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