With R$ 433 MI in check, Antony’s future is ‘decided’ and São Paulo is warned: “Cartoon in the sleeve”

Sao Paulo

Former São Paulo striker can give Morumbi club a hefty sum if traded by Ajax

Lucas Figueiredo / CBF - Antony has a future discussed and can influence São Paulo
Lucas Figueiredo / CBF – Antony has a future discussed and can influence São Paulo

The transfer market has been a busy backstage in the last few years in São Paulo. Some of the “novels” of the Morumbi team have already ended, such as the one involving midfielder Giuliano Galoppo, from Banfield, from Argentina, who was finally hired and officially presented as a new reinforcement of the team. However, there are still blank gaps in the current window for the São Paulo Tricolor.

In addition to the uncertainties about arrivals, such as that of a new goalkeeper to supply the departure of Tiago Volpi as an “immediate reserve” who would fight with the position with Jandrei, who had names like John, from Santos, and Rafael Cabral, from Cruzeiro, as targets , São Paulo still pays attention to what has been happening in European football. That’s because some of his Cotia cubs can yield good values ​​to the club.

One of the cases is that of Antony, who currently defends Ajax, from the Netherlands. Coveted by other giants on the Old Continent, such as Liverpool and Manchester United, both from England, the forward’s future is still unclear. However, if it depends on the Dutch, he stays. The amount requested, of 80 million euros, about R$ 433 million, is one of the impasses, but the local board has another “card up its sleeve”, according to UOL Esporte.

According to “Rafael Reis Blog”, Ajax uses the argument that it would not like to expand the heavy dismantling process that his team suffered this window to keep Antony. The Dutch lost six holders and intend to play hard to free the 22-year-old Brazilian. The agreement for the sale of Antony, in 2020, provides that São Paulo will receive 20% of the profit from a future negotiation, that is, 20% of the value of the sale of Ahax, minus the 16 million euros paid by the Dutch to Tricolor.

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