Xiaomi and Polishop sign a partnership to sell products

Xiaomi announced an exclusive partnership with the Polishop network for the sale of devices from the Chinese giant in Brazil. In a statement, the company highlights that the action began with the arrival of the Mi Smart Air Fryer and 25 other products on July 6, including robot vacuum cleaners, security cameras, hairdryer and more.

Consumers will be able to find Xiaomi products in 26 physical Polishop stores throughout Brazil. Products sold include vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners, smart weight scales, speakers, security cameras, wireless headphones, smart home items like bottle openers, as well as a mirror, electric shaver, electric brush, hair dryer and most.

Xiaomi and Polishop close a partnership to expand product availability in Brazil (Image: Disclosure/Xiaomi)

“We have positive and confident expectations that this partnership will bring great results to both and that we will soon increase the mix of products available at Polishop stores, in addition to the more than 500 smart devices we already have in Brazil, covering several categories” , reinforces Luciano Barbosa, Head of the Xiaomi project in Brazil.

“With this partnership, we further reinforce this vocation to always sell and deliver differentiated products”, explains João Appolinário, president and founder of Polishop. that manufactures innovative electronic products.”

Xiaomi’s Smart Air Fryer has a simple design, 3.5-liter capacity and voice and app-controlled functions (Image: Handout/Xiaomi)

One of the main highlights promoted by the partnership is on Xiaomi’s Intelligent Air Fryer, allowing users to control the utensil by application and voice commands for temperature adjustment and modes of use.

“Highly functional, it is possible to make yogurt, dehydrate fruits, meats, in addition to being a perfect microwave oven or electric oven”, highlights Xiaomi. The fryer has a capacity of 3.5 liters with a maximum temperature of 200°C. On the official website, it is sold for the suggested price of R$ 1,699.

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