10 Movies and Documentaries about Fake News and Indoctrination – Film Scenes

We have separated a list of 10 films and documentaries about fake news, propaganda, disinformation and indoctrination. Between productions based on real events and works of fiction, every item on this list addresses disinformation and post-truth in some way. In the endless flow of information and news, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish what is real and what is fake.

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1. After the Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News

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After the Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News is a documentary released in 2020 about conspiracy theories, false information, social engineering and lies and the impact of these elements on people’s everyday lives. It is available on HBO streaming.

2. Hate Network

Polish production The Hater (available in Brazil as Hate Network) tells the story of the protagonist Tomasz Giemza (Maciej Musiałowski), a rejected student who acts as a troll online, spreading fake news and virtual hatred against personalities, celebrities and political figures. The film is available on Netflix.

3. The Networks Dilemma

Shown on Netflix, The Networks Dilemma is a work that opened a new level of discussion about the impact of social networks not only on our personal lives and on how we see reality, but on social, political and economic events around the world. It is an essential work for anyone interested in the subject.

4. Don’t Look Up

the work of fiction Don’t Look Up is a great critique of disinformation and social alienation. The protagonists, Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) and Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) are two scientists who try to warn humanity about the imminent impact of an asteroid with planet Earth. The work is a great critique of the ineffectiveness of governments, the blind greed of billionaires and the disinformation role of mass media channels.

5. The Century of the Self

Produced in 2002, the century of me (The Century of the Self) remains extremely current. The documentary shows how techniques, knowledge and concepts of psychoanalysis are distorted and used by governments and corporations to induce behaviors in people, such as appealing to the subconscious and irrationality to stimulate consumerism and other conditioned actions in society.

6. The War You Don’t See

the british production The War You Don’t See (The War You Don’t See), from 2010, addresses the lies reproduced by governments and press channels about various conflicts (such as the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and the conflict between Israel and Palestine) to legitimize militaristic policies and invasions, shaping public opinion around them.

7. The Boys

One of the most impressive series is the boyswith the first season starting in 2019. Despite being a work of fiction, The Boys addresses many concepts of fake news, social manipulation, control of narratives and the struggle to confront what is true and what are illusions around false heroes. The series is an excellent option, and has a touch of sarcastic humor and brutal violence.

8. Democracy in Vertigo

This list could not be without a Brazilian production. Democracy in Vertigo (published abroad as The Edge of Democracy) is a 2019 documentary that tells the main political and social events in Brazil since 2014 and shows how the dissemination of disinformation is one of the main reasons for the rupture and destruction of democracy and its institutions.

9. The Truth of the Lie

Another Brazilian production, The Truth of Lies addresses the impacts of spreading misinformation of lies online and how false narratives shape society in harmful ways. In this flow of information, defining what is true and what is false in a post-truth society is an increasing challenge.

10. Conspi Hunter: How Conspiracy Theories Emerge

Produced in 2014, Conspi Hunter: How Conspiracy Theories Emerge is a documentary that creates its own conspiracy theory to show how they are produced, disseminated and validated by various discourses – and, consequently, how they can be fought.

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