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AMC+ moonhaven premiered on July 7, 2022, with the series depicting the adventures of people in the future who made a base on the moon. The cast is filled with newcomers and actors known for their supporting work, though household names like True Bloodby Joe Manganiello and Lost‘s Dominic Monoghan are present.

In addition to a cast of prominent names, leading actors like Emma McDonald and Ayelet Zurer have also starred in works where people would have seen them. Angels and Demons for classics like The portrait of Dorian Gray. It is worth checking the list of credits for moonhaven‘s cast to see the range of acting they possess.

it’s easy to find True Blood mentioned in conversations about the best TV shows about vampires and monsters. While the show really isn’t for everyone due to the extremely provocative content, Joe Manganiello has found great fame for playing Alcide Herveaux in the HBO series.

True Blood it’s about the conflict for equality between humans and monsters after a product known as “Tru Blood” allows the last species to come out of the shadows. Manganiello played main character Sookie Stackhouse’s love interest, with some jokes about his tendency to be shirtless all the time becoming popular as well.

Hope Street is a crime drama that keeps its main story shrouded in mystery to keep viewers guessing. Amara Karan plays DC Leila Hussain and is central to the plot, as her arrival in the northern Irish city of Port Devine causes discomfort among its residents.

Leila’s reasons for being there and what her real investigation should be form the core of the story. Hope Streetstory of. The series also has several supporting characters that viewers are encouraged to be suspicious of, in order to further create a sense of paranoia about the true nature of the city.

Although Angels and Demons is a mystery thriller, it is surprisingly a good viewing experience for those who want to satisfy their Italian wanderlust through film. Circulating around Tom Hanks’ Robert Langdon and Ayelet Zurer’s Vittoria Vetra, the story sees the duo trying to stop the murders of members of the papacy in Vatican City.

Angels and Demons was one of the first films that caught Ayelet Zurer’s attention, as her role serves as a sidekick to Hanks’ protagonist as the characters engage in a race against time. He also has a cast with household names like Stellan Skarsgård and Ewan McGregor.

KC Cooper is considered one of the most endearing characters played by Zendaya, with the Disney TV series holding a special place in fans’ hearts. Kadeem Hardison plays the main character’s father, Craig Cooper, who is an undercover spy along with his family.

Hardison’s character is sympathetic but eccentric, as KC in disguiseThe sitcom-style presentation makes almost everyone eccentric. Fans of the actor in moonhaven you can check out the reach he has, as Disney comedy is an entirely different genre where he still did a commendable job.

moonhaven is one of the first shows to give Yazzmin Newell major exposure, before which his most significant release was the last tree. The actress does not have a major role in the film, but the last tree went on to receive rave reviews, garnering a score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The story is about a young man in the early 2000s who moves from rural Lincolnshire to London and faces challenges getting used to the urban landscape. Yazzmin Newell plays one of the many people the protagonist encounters on his journey.

While Lost’s legacy was somewhat undermined by its inclusion among the worst TV endings of all time, it was a stepping stone to the success of many cast members. Dominic Monoghan plays Charlie, one of the many survivors of a plane crash now stranded on an island.

Charlie’s character development is seen as one of the highlights of the series. Lost, with the character maturing greatly over the course of the series before receiving a heroic death. Lost remains one of the actor’s most popular works to date, with fans continuing to check out his performance more than a decade later.

Long live Riva! is about a fuel smuggler who is pursued by a gangster named Cesar, played by Hoji Fortuna. The protagonist’s escape is the main plot, with Cesar leaving a trail of destruction in hopes of killing the main character and accessing the fuel shipment.

Long live Riva! saw Hoji Fortuna in a prominent leading role, with the actor receiving praise for playing a charismatic but very villainous character. The film was also credited with bringing attention to the Congolese film industry, receiving critical acclaim from critics around the world.

Beginner to 10 has a cast full of future stars, including James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dominic Cooper, Rebecca Hall and Alice Eve. Elaine Tan also stars as part of the questions team that McAvoy’s protagonist is a part of, with this coming of age portraying her struggles to fit in.

Elaine Tan’s performance will be doubly impressive to fans of moonhaven since his performance is a stark contrast between the TV series and Beginner to 10. The comedy-drama enchants and pulls emotional strings, showing the problems young people face in college.

Emma McDonald plays the lead role in moonhavengoing beyond its support work in The portrait of Dorian Gray. She played Sibyl Vane, the young actress enchanted by the title character, who falls so in love with him that it ruins her career.

Although the role of Sibyl is part of the first act, Emma McDonald rose to prominence with the acting. The portrait of Dorian Gray it has an enduring quality that has remained true over the century and more since it was written, with the 2021 adaptation bringing a twist of its own.

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