Ana Maria Braga, living a new romance, leaves her cell phone with a boy

+Cid Moreira has audio asking for a kiss to a woman leaked and a journalist’s betrayal is exposed by his children

+Famous betrays wife with Xuxa, lover relationship is exposed and news explodes with decreed end

After a very close video recorded by Ana Maria Braga and Fabio Arruda, fans are assuming that the two have a romance

Fans are looking for clearer information about Fabio Arruda and Ana Maria Braga, as it seems that the two are living a romance.

It turns out that a video leaked from a June party promoted by the presenter, that the two dance well together to the song ‘É o amor’, by Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano.

Fans also identified that Ana Maria Braga is leaving her cell phone unlocked in the hands of the former Globo sports video editor, because he has already appeared in the presenter’s stories in the mirror.

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Ana Maria Braga went through troubles at Globo before consolidating herself in the mornings at Globo- Photo: Disclosure
Ana Maria Braga is getting involved with a boy Photo: Disclosure

According to information from the program Melhor da Tarde, from the Band, they had been together since March. Columnist Kaká Meyer said the couple even sang “How Great is My Love for You” at the celebration.

It also hangs in the air about the romance of the two because Ana Maria Braga would have given him the position to take care of their social networks, so the proximity, this can also be one of the reasons for Arruda’s departure from Globo.


Roger Moreira, son of Cid Moreira is trying at all costs to prove that the relationship between Cid Moreira and Fátima Moreira was the result of a betrayal.

This time, the journalist’s son released an audio of Cid Moreira asking Fátima Moreira for a kiss to Balanço Geral, the only problem is that at the time of the call, Cid Moreira was married to Ulhiana Naumtchyk.

On the phone, Cid Moreira says he misses Fátima and asks when he will be able to see her: “Give me a kiss, will you? Give me a kiss. Just tongue flavor. Mouth and tongue”.

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