Atltico: der praises Cuca and Turco and criticizes Dudamel and Sampaoli’s conduct

photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

der Aleixo disapproved of Dudamel and Sampaoli’s attitudes in charge of Atltico

A member of Atltico’s fixed technical commission, der Aleixo commented on what it was like to work with coaches who recently visited Cidade do Galo. The current alvinegro commander, Cuca, who returned to office to replace Antonio Mohamed, was praised by the former player.

“He’s a friend, a brother to us,” said der, in an interview with 98 FM radio, this Friday (29), about his relationship with Cuca.

Hired in 2020, Rafael Dudamel remained in office for just two months. The Venezuelan was sacked after Atltico were eliminated by Afogados in the Copa do Brasil. der mentioned the coach’s problems during his visit to Cidade do Galo.

“A nice guy (Dudamel), but some things that didn’t fit here. Totally different from what we do in football. His commission is nice. But Dudamel, with his attitudes off the field, the command was not for a football group” , evaluated.

Dudamel’s successor, Jorge Sampaoli also did not fall in der’s favor. The former Rooster player described the Argentinian coach’s rigid attitudes, who even barred the club’s permanent technical commission from training at the CT.

“What can I say about this guy (Sampaoli)?. He didn’t talk to anyone. We used to say ‘death row’. And I stayed for two months. guy who will become a great coach yet”, opined about the professional who directed Atltico temporarily in the 2-1 loss to Corinthiansafter the resignation of Antonio Mohamed.

About Mohamed, der was s praise. According to Bomba, Turco and his technical commission erased the impression left by Sampaoli. This Turkish gang totally different. Guys are friends, humans. I didn’t expect that because they are Argentinian, but they are spectacular. A kiss for them. They are too much. Good luck to them. They deserve it,” he concluded.

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