Bullet Train: ‘Sometimes we come home with a little blood’, reveals Brad Pitt about shooting new movie

The Oscar-winning actor talks about his new work in theaters, which still has big names in the cast.

Actor Brad Pitt will star in the new film by David Leitch, Train Bullet and in promotion of the feature that took place in Paris, the actor and producer told in an interview with France 2 about his participation, wishes for the future and about the moment the movies today. In Leitch’s film, Pitt plays Ladybug, an unprofessional, unlucky assassin.

The crime comedy that hits Brazilian theaters on August 4, has the premise of seven murderers on a train trying to get rid of themselves. When asked what he liked most about the role, Pitt reveals that despite his good intentions, his character is a “loser”. “Yes he really is, he is an idiot and playing the idiot is really the funniest thing. He always does a little shit, can we say that? He always has good intentions but fails all the time.jokes the actor.

During the conversation, the actor also commented on the aesthetics of the film addressed by director Leitch, known for his work on John Wick and Deadpool 2. In addition, Pitt’s relationship with the director is a long-standing one, as Leitch was his stunt double in the film. movie Fight Club for being an expert in combat training. The action in Trem Bala reflects this striking aesthetic.It’s the fingerprint of David Leitch, who is an old friend and started out as a stuntman. He went on to work on John Wick, then served as director of Deadpool 2. His touch is the meeting between ultraviolence and humor with great kinetic energy, that’s what makes the movie fun and perfect for the summer.”, reveals Pitt.

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The film’s action also required some stunts from the actor who confessed to “coming home with blood”. “Oh, we always come home with bruises, sometimes a little blood! Very clearly it happened to Aaron [Taylor-Johnson]. But we did it very carefully, everything was safe. It was in a studio because we were in total lockdown. And it wasn’t just fighting: there’s a lot of comedy in it, a little bit like Jackie Chan, you know — who’s a very underrated guy, who we have a lot of respect for. So everything was thought out very securely, to create humor, to serve the characters… but also to add this ultraviolence.”says the actor.

Brad Pitt is also an important actor and his concern for his peers is reflected in his performance on and off screen. Actress Joey King revealed in an interview that received a lot of advice from colleague cast during recording. The film also features Sandra Bullock and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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