CBF releases audios of Flamengo x Athletico-PR VAR

Bidding from the first leg of the quarterfinals generated controversy due to the performance of the referee

The tie between Flamengo and Atletico-PR 0-0 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Brazil’s Cup was filled with controversy on the part of the arbitration. Three shots in particular drew attention due to the performance of VAR.

Fla got into trouble because of a possible unmarked penalty on Léo Pereira in the second stage. For Wagner Reway, VAR commander, there was no impact on the match, according to audio released by the CBF.

“Pulled the shirt up, little contact there and the player throws himself. No impact. Go ahead, Louis. No impact”said the referee.

Two bids for possible expulsions were also analyzed. in the first, in a split between Gabigol and Fernandinho, the two left with a yellow card. But Hurricane got into trouble for a kick by shirt 9 on his steering wheel.

“Zero, how was that? Yellow for 5 and 9. Let me see, let it go. Do you have by 1? Do you have by 1? Let me see at 1. One bumps and the other kicks. Selling at 3 now. Okay, confirmed Luiz” said Reway.

The move that generated the most controversy, including complaints by Felipão in a press conference, was a cart behind Arrascaeta in Erick. The VAR considered that the Athletico player threw himself from behind against the Uruguayan’s leg.

“I need to review. I’ll check, okay? He gave a card to number 14. Let me see it from another angle. The contact is above. I need to see the leg. Contact a little above, with medium and high intensity. It has the contact and collects it,” she said.

“Calm down Luiz, I’m checking. Let me see another angle. He throws himself from behind against the athlete’s leg. He plays against the player. Okay, Luiz, good decision, confirmed”, he concluded.

For Renata Ruel, a specialist in arbitration, the channels ESPN, the bid should have been punished with an expulsion in an “indisputable” manner.

“He comes from behind, he only goes to hit the opponent, takes the back of the player’s leg, puts the opponent’s physical integrity at risk. That in the rule is a red card – and it is indisputable”, said the commentator.

“No need to hurt. You can’t wait to break the guy’s leg. He won’t wait to get injured and leave the guy out to give him a red card. No, moves like this, in which the player doesn’t dispute the ball, comes from behind, with speed, with intensity, hits the opponent’s leg with the cleat, it’s red, it’s indisputable”, he opined.

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