CBF will make changes to the refereeing after a strong complaint from Palmeiras

Last Tuesday (26), the CBF held a meeting with representatives of the 40 clubs in the Brasileirão series A and B and the Arbitration Commission. The reason was the recent big failures of judges and video referees.

One of the most serious and vital matters in football is refereeing. With the implementation of VAR, Brazil is moving towards greater exemption in relation to referees. However, everything is still in its infancy and there is a lack, mainly, a greater capacity of the human part that operates the technology and makes the decisions, in addition to the infrastructure in the stadiums.

After the absurdities committed in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, where the palm trees was disqualified for a goal that should not have existed, the board pressured the CBF in search of reparation.

In addition to the fact, referees, both in Brasileirão and Copa do Brasil games, have been the protagonists of disasters and the amount of errors in the VAR protocol shows great amateurism by those involved. The first measure is that in August, between the 1st and the 5th, 95 referees will receive training with the aim of improving their performances.

In addition, VAR audios will be released within 24 hours for series A and up to 48 hours for series B. Another measure is the creation of 840 profiles on a video and statistics platform for referees to watch the moves of the games in which they played, analyzing successes and errors, receiving online assessments from instructors. The CBF will also create a team of VAR-CBF referees, in addition to greater assistance and routine face-to-face training for professionals.

All this movement is to make the refereeing “more professional”, but it is clear that the actual improvement will depend on the good faith of the judges and the CBF. Wilson Seneme, president of the Arbitration Commission, followed the example of Conmebol to implement the changes and, then, achieve the objective of improving arbitration in Brazilian football.

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