Does it make a difference to take a photo with a cell phone upside down?

Browsing through social networks, we can see several tips to enhance our photographs. And one of them is the “technique” of turning the cell phone upside down when taking pictures.

But can making this simple change of perspective really increase the quality of the images?

I decided to research other sources to understand how much it adds or is it just another alternative to capture your moments.

Upside down cell phone improves photos?

Researching other references, such as influencers or photographers on social networks, I found several who indicate making this change in the way you hold your smartphone.

Instead of capturing the image in the “conventional” way, you rotate the phone so that it has the set of cameras at the “bottom”.

With this, some claim that the photo has improved aspects and also a different quality than if taken in a normal way.

However, after some tests and trials of my own, I didn’t feel much difference in terms of photo quality. Certainly, changing the point of view can favor the photograph of certain things, especially smaller and more difficult to focus objects.

In some situations this can give new air to the photo (Image: Canaltech)

But in general terms, making this inversion of “sense”, in practice, is just another way of varying the perspective and even the framing of the photo. Technique that many photographers use to experiment with different angles and thus obtain the image they are idealizing.

For those who like to make friends and followers hungry by posting pictures of the dinners and snacks they try, the cell phone turned upside down has also proved to be more advantageous in terms of focusing on the food.

So, if you are interested in practicing alternative ways of taking photos or even trying to develop different angles in your Instagram posts and videos, this format is worth trying.

However, don’t expect your “low quality” photos to suddenly have excellent contrasts and sharper images just by flipping your smartphone.

Other tips to improve your photographs

If you want to expand your horizons a little when taking a picture, I thought of some extra tips for you to try.

Something new

To try to get out of the conventional, the important thing in the world of photography is precisely to always try something new, be it a function, an angle or a composition.

So try to change your framing, use objects from the scenery. A tree can make an excellent natural framing, using black and white, enhances image contrasts, especially light and dark.

“Pro” or “Manual” mode

Depending on your phone, you can also change the exposure time and the photo sensitivity (ISO) with “Pro” or “Manual” mode. With this you can create differentiated and unique effects.

Good lighting makes all the difference when recording or taking pictures (Image: Canaltech)


Another interesting tool is light itself, use it to your advantage. Sometimes standing in the backlight can make the image unfocused, but depending on the objective, it enhances the contours of the object.

You can also use it to enhance some aspect of the person photographed, such as the eyes or even the face. With specialized lighting, it is possible to achieve interesting effects.

More options

Finally, you can combine different styles to create your image view. With a closer zoom and a focal light, you add a sense of drama to the photo.

The world of photography is quite vast, and best of all, there is no right or wrong technique. It will depend exclusively on your objective with that image, on the sensations you would like to arouse in the observers.

So don’t be afraid to go out of the way to create your own and more authorial interpretations as you develop your unique style.

And if you’re going to switch phones to get a better camera, check out our list of the best photo phones of the moment.

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