Dog gets emotional when he sees baby interaction for the first time and goes viral | went viral

They say that a dog is man’s best friend and this video proves it’s true! 😍🐾 The video of a dog went viral on social media, the golden retriever Taco, getting a lot~MUCH~ glad to see his little human sisterVanora, interacting with him for the first time.

Play the video and see his reaction!

The video hit the mark of 14 million views on Tik Tok and almost 10,000 comments from people from all over the world, thrilled with the puppy’s attitude.

Taco and Vanora together — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In an interview with “The Dodo”, Vanora’s mother and Taco’s tutor said that the 3-year-old dog was always very careful and considerate with the baby.

“When we woke up in the middle of the night to feed her, he was there with us,” she said.

Taco with the newborn Vanora — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The mother said that when the golden realized that her sister was taking her first steps in the walker, he couldn’t contain himself! And even though he is very happy with the news, he is always very careful not to hurt the little one.

“As soon as Vanora started taking a few steps with a walker. Taco started to get super excited.”

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