Fortaleza vs Fluminense LIVE (0-1) | 07/28/2022

22:02 a minute ago

did not reach

28′ – Romarinho crosses from the right in the area and Moisés doesn’t reach for the header

21:586 minutes ago

Change the flu too

21:568 minutes ago

Substitutions at Fortaleza

21:55 8 minutes ago

On the beam!!

21′ – Crispim risks from long distance and the ball hits Fábio’s right post!

21:5212 minutes ago

lost counterattack

17′ – Ceballos starts free on the left from the defense field, rolls towards Ronald more open in the penalty area and he shoots crookedly from the back line!

21:49 15 minutes ago

Substitution in Fluminense

15′ – Martinelli replaces Ganso

21:4618 minutes ago

Fortress pressure

11′ – After a first half dominated by Tricolor carioca, Ceará started better in the second half

21:4222 minutes ago

In the indent!!

7′ – After a good exchange of passes by Fortaleza, Benevenuto moves from the right to Robson in the middle of the area. He catches it first with a nice volley and the ball explodes on the top post!

21:3727 minutes ago


3′ – Lucas Crispim takes the yellow card for a foul in Caio Paulista, who receives assistance on the field

21:34 29 minutes ago

Whistle the referee!

Roll the ball again!

21:34 30 minutes ago

Moving to Fortress

Moses in place of Lucas Lima

21:19 an hour ago


Fortress 0x1 Fluminense

21:16 an hour ago


45′ – Three more minutes in the first half

21:13 an hour ago

Fortress reservations

42′ – Players from the home team’s bench warm up

21:09 an hour ago


38′ – Capixaba tries a long pass on the left and sends it straight through the sideline

21:07 an hour ago


35′ – After a throw from the right, Jhon Arias and Cano fix their heels backwards, and Nonato appears to touch the goal in front of him!!

21:05 an hour ago


34′ – Lucas Lima gives a great deep pass to Robson, who shoots from the edge of the area and the ball goes out the back line after a deflection in the defense

21:02 an hour ago


31′ – Tricolor coach Fernando Diniz receives the card for a complaint

21:00 an hour ago

Not worth!!

30′ – Referee revises the VAR bid and calls Robson’s Cano foul at the start of the play!!

20:59 an hour ago


27′ – Samuel Xavier starts on the right, reaches the baseline and crosses low behind. Ganso deflects with a heel on the first post and Nonato touches the back of the goal from behind, with a deflection in the defense still!!

20:57 an hour ago

faults committed

26′ – Fortaleza 9 x 4 Fluminense

20:56 an hour ago


25′ – Sasha enters on top in a tackle with Nonato and is the yellow player of the time

20:52 an hour ago

Ball possession

21′ – Fortaleza 26% x 74% Fluminense

20:47 an hour ago


17′ – Nonato kills Fortaleza’s counterattack with a foul and takes the yellow card

20:45 an hour ago

Take away the defense

14′ – Ganso crosses from the right in the penalty area and Leão’s defense removes the danger

20:41 an hour ago


11′ – Capixaba knocks Matheus Martins who would come out in front of the goal and receives the card. Fluminense keeps asking for red.

20:39 an hour ago

Goal on the night of the Copa do Brasil

9′ – Luciano opens the scoring at Morumbi for São Paulo, against América-MG

20:39 an hour ago


8′ – Robson receives in depth in the attack, but is caught in an irregular position

20:36 an hour ago

hit the defense

5′ – Error in Fluminense’s ball out ends with the ball at Lucas Crispim’s feet. He hits from the edge of the area and she hits the back.

20:332 hours ago

Fire friend

2′ – Manoel tries to launch on the left wing, but plays on top of Ganso

20:312 hours ago

Whistle the referee!

Roll the ball at Castelão!

20:282 hours ago


Thiago Galhardo debuts today with the Fortaleza shirt

20:252 hours ago

Field teams

The national anthem is played

20:07 2 hours ago

Fortress climbed

20:06 2 hours ago

Fluminense lineup

19:512 hours ago


At 20:30, the ball will roll in Castelão. Stay tuned for details with us.

01:15 21 hours ago

How and where to watch Fortaleza vs Fluminense live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Fortaleza vs Fluminense live will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video

01:10 21 hours ago

When is the Fortaleza vs Fluminense game and how to follow LIVE?

01:05 21 hours ago

direct confrontation

01:00 21 hours ago

Possible lineup for Fluminense

00:55 21 hours ago

Fluminense embezzlement

00:50 21 hours ago

Fortress likely lineup

00:45 21 hours ago

Fortress embezzlement

00:40 21 hours ago

Fluminense Campaign

00:35 21 hours ago

Fortress Campaign

00:30 a day ago

round game

The return match will be played on the day august 17 at the Maracanã, with Fluminense’s field command. The start time will be at 20:00.

00:25 a day ago


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