Let the pixie grow: From the pixie along: how to keep the cut while hair grows

The pixie, also known as Joãozinho, is a super modern, practical and great cut to enhance the face. It can be worked in a variety of ways, longer or shorter, with or without bangs. That is, there is a pixie for all tastes and styles. Have you ventured into this cut, but now want to let your hair grow? I made a list that will help you in this process.

adjust the cut

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Just because you want to grow your hair out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cut it, on the contrary. The pixie grows irregularly and it is necessary to make adjustments every 45 days so that the strands are more aligned. During this period you can also bet on other cuts, as the makeup artist did. Vanessa Rozanwho was a fan of this style for many years and now that she decided to let her locks grow, she took advantage of it and invested in a fringe.

change the hairstyle

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One of the ways to finish the locks and make them more disciplined is to use products, including fixation, as the singer Katy Perry, who invested in wet hair. Just gradually apply a gel with a shiny effect and comb it to the side or back. The ointment also helps to model, remember to use little (the amount equivalent to a grain of bean, or less) and spread it well in the palm of your hand before passing it on the wires.

Bet on accessories

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Another way to fix the locks is using accessories, just like the singer did Rihanna, who chose a turban to upgrade her look. To replicate the look, wrap a scarf around your head and finish off with a knot at the top of your head. If you have difficulties, look for the tracked versions, which are easier to use. What’s more, other types can also enhance your hairstyle, such as barrettes, headbands and bobby pins. It’s worth testing them all.

How about a new color?

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For some people, waiting for their hair to grow can be tedious and a new color will bring something new to your look, as the actress did. Halle Berry, enabling you to remain firm and strong in this process. Illuminated brunette, golden blonde, vibrant red…talk to your hairdresser to see which shades and techniques will enhance it.

Reinforce care

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It’s no use letting your picumã grow, but not taking care of it properly. This can be a real disaster, as if the length is damaged, you will end up having to cut it, meaning all your efforts will have been in vain.

Have a treatment line according to the texture. In addition to the mask, it is worth investing in a CC Cream with a thermal and solar protection factor.so you keep your hair strong and healthy, as the actress did Fernanda Paes Leme.

In this video I teach a step by step to finish your pixie:

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