Maduro suffers defeat in British justice as he tries to recover 31 tons of Venezuelan gold – News

The government of Nicolás Maduro suffered a new legal defeat this Friday (29) that distances it from its objective of recovering Venezuela’s gold reserves deposited at the Bank of England, after a decision in favor of opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Judge Sara Cockerill, from the commercial division of the High Court in London, ruled in favor of Guaidó, who is recognized by the United Kingdom as interim president of Venezuela, in line with several countries, led by the United States, which do not recognize the second term of Mature.

The Maduro government and the opposition, led by Guaidó, have been facing each other since 2019 in a judicial saga over access to 31 tons of gold, valued at about 1.9 billion dollars (R$ 9.8 billion), which have been stored for years. years in the vaults of the Bank of England.

This part of the process focused on whether the British Justice considers the board of the BCV (Central Bank of Venezuela) appointed by Guaidó after having proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela to be legitimate.

The opposition-appointed board asked the Bank of England not to hand over the gold to the government-appointed board of directors.

Caracas authorities claimed in 2020 that they urgently need the funds to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The judge in the case considered that the decision of the TSJ (Supreme Court of Justice) of Caracas to invalidate the appointments to the leadership of the Central Bank made by Guaidó could not be recognized under British law.

One of the arguments cited is that there is “clear evidence” that the TSJ is united with judges who support Maduro.

Maduro’s legal representative, Sarosh Zaiwalla of Zaiwalla and Co., called the decision “unfortunate” and said the Venezuelan broadcaster wanted to appeal.

In addition, the lawyer expressed his “concern” about the cumulative effect on the decisions of the English courts of a “simple declaration issued by the British government that recognizes as head of state a person who does not control any part of the State”, handing him the power to dispose of goods.

This Friday (29), there was no immediate reaction from Guaidó’s representatives.

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