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Campo Grande also wants a partnership to become Dublin’s sister city

By Angela Kempfer | 07/28/2022 17:41

Mayor, in the center, with a delegation from Ireland.  (Photo: Advisory)
Mayor, in the center, with a delegation from Ireland. (Photo: Advisory)

The mayor of the capital, Adriane Lopes, met today (28) in Brasília with the Irish ambassador to Brazil, Seán Hoy. The conversation at the Itamaraty Palace had as its agenda commercial and technological partnerships for the creation of the Technological and Innovation Park that should be implemented on the Esplanada Ferroviária, in Campo Grande.

The Municipality wants a partnership to become the sister city of Dublin, the Irish capital. But nothing has yet been agreed To reach the goal, the mayor also visited São José dos Campos (SP) this month, where she visited the Technological Park there.

“We are going to look for successful experiences and adapt them to the local reality. It is a fundamental learning phase for the construction of a technology park model that is a development tool for our city”, comments Adriane Lopes.

“The City Hall has already secured with Finepe (Studies and Projects Financier) R$ 7 million to cover the initial phase of implantation of the Technological and Innovation Park. the Ministry of Science and Technology. The bidding process for the renovation of two incubators (Mário Covas and Santa Emília), an investment of R$ 1.6 million, is already underway. The incubators will also be adapted to function as Innovation Hubs, that will be integrated into the Technological Park”, reinforced the Municipality.

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