Minecraft update sparks fan outrage with “SaveMinecraft” hashtag


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Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, recently released update 1.19.1 for the game. It brings an important change: it allows Mojang itself and Microsoft to access Minecraft chats.

Now, companies will be able to analyze the messages exchanged by users. If inappropriate behavior is found by any of the members, players can be permanently banned from servers, whether public or private.

Some members of the Minecraft community didn’t react very well to the new update and have since expressed their dissatisfaction on social media — with the hashtag “SaveMinecraft” on Twitter, for example. Some game players claim that the new update is an invasion of privacy, and classify the measure as unacceptable.

Some fans of the game have already reacted to the news and are using software capable of blocking the company’s access to chat chats. The program has already had more than 200,000 downloads, much of it because the community has an intense campaign to promote the software.

Another company to adopt a similar stance was Riot Games, which also started to monitor the voice chats of the Valorant game and will also ban anyone who has conduct considered inappropriate in these chat rooms.

These measures are expected to become increasingly common among game companies, as complaints and reports of attacks on minorities and hate speech on gaming platforms have increased in recent years. There are still not enough resources for a more effective inspection of these spaces and companies are working to make them healthier and more attractive to new players.

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