Pep Guardiola says ‘yes’ to having Flamengo star at Manchester City and CRF is entitled to receive a percentage of the sale


Attacking midfielder could arrive at the English club very soon and the deal is approved by Brazilians

- Pep Guardiola
© (Photo: Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images)– Pep Guardiola

O Manchester City completely changed levels after the arrival of Pep Guardiola. It hasn’t won a Champions League yet, it’s true, but that’s just a matter of time. The team dominates the Premier League, the most prestigious championship in the world, plays great football and clashes with any team on the world stage.

guardiola always said that he liked working with Brazilians and a former Flamengo may end up painting in City. Its about Lucas Paqueta, who has been standing out with the Lyon shirt. the attacking midfielder Bernardo Silva wants to live a new cycle in his career, he is quoted to sign with Barcelona, ​​and the English want to bring in a replacement immediately.

Paquetá asked to be traded by Lyon. The French are now waiting for a good offer to sell it. Playing for Manchester City, being coached by the most status commander in the world, is dream of virtually all players. With that, the Vulture’s Nest Spawn has a good chance of wearing blue very soon.

Jovem Pan’s Twitter echoed this news: “According to L’Équipe, Lucas Paquetá aroused the interest of Manchester City. A proposal, however, should only be formalized if Bernardo Silva leaves the team. Recently, news circulated about a possible negotiation between the Portuguese and Barcelona”, reported.

Remembering that Flamengo is entitled to receive 4% of any sale from the attacking midfielder. This is possible thanks to FIFA’s Solidarity Mechanism. Mengão is very attentive to the future of the Brazilian and, for sure, is rooting for a transfer of the ace to City.

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