Reebok and one more: Botafogo arrives in the final stretch of negotiations for sports equipment brand

O Botafogo is in the final phase of talks to define which brand will be the club’s sports material supplier next year. Two companies are still negotiating with Alvinegro, which should end the business in up to a month and a half – even to have time to design the 2023 uniforms.

+ Marlon Freitas, from Atlético-GO, confirms agreement with Botafogo for 2023

One of the brands that is in the negotiations is Reebok – the second company is kept confidential. The English brand is one of John Textor’s favorites. The North American, however, still does not guarantee any type of hit.

Textor is friends and does business with Jamie Salter, CEO of Authentic Brands Group, the group that controls Reebok. The English brand has not participated in football for almost ten years, but would return to the four lines with Botafogo.

One of the entrepreneur’s priorities is that there is a sales capacity on a global scale. The downside for Reebok is precisely that it doesn’t have a recent sample of what it can do in this regard. The second brand, undisclosed by confidentiality agreement – as first published by ‘Ge’ – is already more consolidated in the market and would take advantage of these technical issues.

John Textor has dealt directly with negotiations regarding Botafogo’s uniform. At the beginning of the year, it is worth remembering, he broke the contract that the club had already signed with Volt – at the time signed by Lênin Franco, then business director of the club.

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