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One awesome video shows the exact moment when a men who was walking along a street in Jiaxing, in Chinasaved one baby who fell from the sixth floor of a building. Security cameras near the crash site recorded the heroic act, which went viral.

According to the “The Country”, the man was identified as Shen Dong. He was walking down the street while talking on the phone and noticed that a girl was about to fall through the window. He ran, then, to try to catch her, and luckily he did.

Watch the scene that shocked the internet:

According to local media, after the rescue, the man realized that the baby had the same name as his daughter, Xinxin, which means confidence in Mandarin.

In addition, he assured that his reaction was due to the fact that he is the father of two children and “does not want to see any children injured”.

The girl was taken to hospital, where it was found that she was not injured.

delivery man thrown

Another video circulating on the internet shows a car driver arguing with a motorcyclist. At a certain moment, the conductor goes on top of the rival and throws him off an overpass.

The case was registered on July 13, but only recently were the images released. The motorcyclist takes off his helmet and confronts the driver right next to a roadside barrier. A witness recorded the confusion when, suddenly, the delivery man is thrown off the overpass.

According to the newspaper “El Universal”, the delivery man works for Uber Eats. He was rescued and taken to a hospital in Naucalpan. The boy suffered a fracture in his left leg. The driver of the car fled.



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