The 7 best Disney princess movies

Known for making movies filled with magic and heartwarming stories, the Walt Disney Company excels at creating princess stories. There are several titles that have crossed generations and conquered the public, and many of them are available on Disney+.

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An example of this is the long Cinderellawhich dates from 1950 and tells the story of a commoner mistreated by her stepmother who ends up becoming a princess and winning the prince’s heart.

Over the years, however, new stories were written in order to reinforce a more positive and autonomous image of the princesses and to show that they do not need to be at the mercy of Prince Charming. At this point, works such as brave, Mulan, The princess and the Frog and many others.

With so many options for titles, it’s even difficult to choose which one to watch. With that in mind, the Canaltech listed the 7 best Disney princess movies for you to watch on Disney+.


To start this list, nothing better than a classic. Launched in 1950, Cinderera crossed generations and became one of the main stories when talking about princesses.

The plot shows the life of Cinderella, a poor girl who lives with her stepmother and evil sisters. It turns out that her life is transformed when she receives a visit from her fairy godmother and wins the chance to go to the ball to meet the prince of her life.

Uniting magic, pumpkin that turns into a carriage and glass slipper, Cinderella won a sequel in the film 2 and 3, in addition to a live action of the same name from 2015.


Who doesn’t know the story of the princess who is awakened by her lover’s kiss? In Sleeping Beauty, the witch Maleficent casts a cruel spell on Princess Aurora on the day of her birth, dooming her to fall into a deep sleep when she turns 16 years old. Therefore, the girl can only be awakened by the kiss of her true love.

The three kind fairies, Flora, Fauna and Primavera, even try to reverse the situation, but they can’t. Now, only Prince Felipe can save her from this curse.

The story was so successful that the villain also won a movie to call her own. There are two long maleficentone from 2014 and one from 2019, both starring Angelina Jolie.


Leaving one princess and going to another, Beauty and the Beast shows Belle, a young girl whose father was captured by the Beast. To free the man from this situation, she decides to give her life to the horrible creature.

Trapped in the castle, she will discover that the Beast is actually a prince who needs love and affection to return to human form. Thus, an unlikely romance will emerge between the two.

This long, like Cinderellaalso won a live-action with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans.


Another princess who falls in love with a creature, shall we say, different is Tiana. The princess and the Frog shows a young woman who lives in New Orleans going to work at a friend’s party to raise money to create her own restaurant.

It turns out that there she finds a frog who swears to be a prince and asks her for a kiss to return to her human form. The problem is that she is the one who turns into a frog and now she will have to face many challenges to get out of this situation.

Released in 2009, the film has already become a classic and won over audiences and critics. It received 85% positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the top movie and series review sites.


Breaking with the stereotype of passive princesses, Mulan is a girl who, fearing that her sick father will be called up to fight in the war, disguises herself as a man and takes his place in the Chinese army. There, she will befriend other soldiers and show bravery in defending her country from invading Huns.

Based on an ancient Chinese legend, the story of Mulan talks about courage and female power, and shows that girls can be brave too. The film won a sequel in 2005 and a live-action in 2020.


Speaking of bravery, a character that represents this trait well is Princess Merida. Her destiny is to follow the customs of her kingdom and become queen alongside the gentleman who wins her hand during an archery tournament, but, contrary to expectations, the young lady intends to walk her own path and challenge that ancestral tradition.

Launched in 2012, brave talks about the difficulties of growing up and breaking rules imposed by society.


Anyone who thinks that princess stories only exist in animations is wrong. Princess’ diary is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Mia, a 15-year-old girl who discovers that her father is the prince of Genovia and that now, after his death, she will be prepared to take the throne.

Thus, her life becomes a big mess and she will have to choose whether to accept to be the new princess of that country or to continue her life as a commoner.

The film was released in 2001 and was so successful that it got a sequel three years later. Both films starred Anne Hathaway.

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