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Debuting July 29, 2022, the new Apple TV+ original series Surface follows the life of Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a woman who desperately tries to rebuild her life after a major head injury leaves her with memory loss. As Sophie tries to understand what happened to her, it looks like she will have a big battle ahead as there are multiple people out there to catch her and keep her from remembering what she shouldn’t have known in the first place.

Many fans agree that Surface seems to join a solid collection of mystery TV shows that keep viewers in their seats from start to finish. However, if fans of the show are looking for similar shows that focus on a protagonist with amnesia, suspenseful mysteries, or the theme of regaining her identity, there are plenty of options to choose from.

One of the first and most acclaimed mystery shows built around the premise of amnesia includes John Doe, in which Dominic Purcell plays the title character (who is a man who suddenly falls from the sky and falls into the ocean). When he comes to, John realizes that he has no memory of his past, but hides a wealth of knowledge about literally every other subject on Earth.

With a vast knowledge of the outside world and no clue as to who he is, Doe decides to piece together his erased memory while using his intellect to help two police detectives solve a series of crimes. like Surfacethe unreliable narration of the main character’s foggy mindset is what drives the intriguing and unpredictable nature of the premise.

In a loose genre remake of John Doe, Blind spot starring Jamie Alexander as Jane Doe, an enigmatic woman with amnesia who is found inside a backpack in Times Square. Covered in head-to-toe tattoos, Jane and the FBI slowly realize that her body-ink art provides subtle clues to her true identity.

While Blind spot promises more high-octane action than Surfaceat their core, both series are about the horrors of the unknown as two women doggedly determined to overcome their enigmatic past to build a better future for themselves (leaving viewers wondering if their unreliable narration can be trusted or if what is. in your mind has been manipulated by others).

For those looking for a little lightness, you should watch The flight attendant. Kaley Cuoco stars in her best role as Cassie Bowden, a flight attendant who wakes up in the wrong hotel one morning with no memory of how a dead man ended up in her bed.

As she races to remember what happened and clear her name from the murder, Cassie learns more about herself than she would like, adding an absurdly funny wrinkle to the Surface premise. Acclaimed for Cuoco’s magnetic performance, bubbly vibrant tonal and visuals, and the central mystery that is genuinely hard to decipher, going from underwater to Surface to cloud 9 in the flight attendant is the correct way to travel by subway this summer.

Praised as one of the best TV shows of 2022, as well as featuring Jamie Dornan’s best role and overall performance, HBO Max The tourist follows The Man, a mysterious drifter who wakes up with amnesia in a hospital in the Australian outback and slowly gathers clues he uses to decode his enigmatic past (all themes in common with Surface).

Exalted for Dornan’s powerfully commanding central performance, the story’s captivating unpredictability, shocking bouts of unexpected laughter, and for treating memory loss as an actual human illness rather than a simple plot device, The tourist takes the amnesia mystery thriller model and has a ball tossing it in his ear.

A heady piece worth watching along with Surface includes The tower, a Starz original miniseries that follows Myfanwy Thomas (Emma Greenwell), a young woman who wakes up one day in a park with total memory loss surrounded by fresh corpses. As she puts together her past as a British secret service agent, Thomas uncovers a government plot to steal her memories.

While The tower turns into a realm of science fiction more supernatural than Surface both shows sometimes offer fascinating glimpses into the profound ways in which one’s mind can play tricks on them, exploring the ephemeral nature of memories being just as damaging as romantic and nostalgically enjoyable.

Despite debuting last February, Apple TV+ Separation has already earned 14 Emmy nominations and is currently ranked 108th on IMDb’s 250 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. The wildly inventive premise concerns Mark (Adam Scott, in one of his key roles), an office worker who has his memories surgically divided between business at work and pleasure at home, leaving a frustratingly mysterious gray area that he and his colleagues of work try to decode.

like surface, separation is a gripping psychological thriller that explores what memories mean to a person’s intrinsic identity and how the psychological Mandela Effect can alter perceived truths. Praised for his ambition, ingenuity and excellent ensemble, Surface fans don’t even need to change subscriptions to experience Separation.

Season 1 of the critically acclaimed Amazon Prime original drama, Return home stars Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman, a social worker employed by the Homecoming Transitional Support Center (which is a facility designed to help war veterans return home peacefully). However, when Heidi can’t remember her time working there after she leaves, she needs to fill in the gaps in her fragmented memory and uncovers a vast conspiracy.

With a mesmerizing twist by Roberts, a genuinely intriguing central mystery to keep viewers on edge, and another excellent female-centric, character-based play about confronting one’s long-buried demons, Surface and Return home are sympathetic psychological thrillers anchored by an amnesiac mystery.

Netflix’s underrated Polish series, Open your eyes, It concerns Julia (Maria Wawreniuk), a young woman sent to an amnesia treatment center after the horrific death of her parents. Upon meeting other patients who have suffered similar traumas, she meets a boy named Adam and begins to fill in the blanks of his unknown past while forging a path of redemption.

A surreally dreamy dramatic mystery laden with unpredictable story wrinkles, Open your eyes also addresses the consequences of death, loss, grief, and how these deep emotions can directly affect the accuracy of a person’s memory.

In keeping with Netflix’s international theme, clean slate is a mind-blowing 9-part Belgian series that every Surface fan needs to see ASAP. The intriguing psychological thriller follows Mie (series creator Veerle Baetens), a woman who discovers she has been committed to a psychiatric hospital and cannot remember why she is there. It’s full of unpredictable obstacles that will derail viewers from start to finish.

Currently with an 8.0 rating on IMDb and a user score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, people simply have to give it a go. clean slate a chance to experience just how cleverly written and believable the series is, not to mention the salient statements it makes about how much a person’s identity is inherently tied to their oldest and cherished memories, and what it means to lose them in a blink. one eye.

Season 1 of the original US anthology series the sinner concerns Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel), a woman with partial memory loss, who is trying to discover what could have led her to commit various crimes.

As such, the sinner is without a doubt the most relevant TV show to watch with Surface regarding memory distortion, and how cognitive dissonance can mislead even those who think they are remembering things clearly. Applauded for Biel’s commanding performance and keeping viewers off balance with his clever, cliché-free plot conventions, Surface and the sinner both prove that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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